Dr. Raymond Bostwick Squires and Dr. Gretchen Marie Vitter Family

m. Jun 1940

Family Information
  • Dr. Raymond Bostwick SquiresFather | Male
    Dr. Raymond Bostwick Squires

    Born  9 Jul 1910  Oakland, Alameda, California, USA Find all individuals with events at this location
    Died  30 Aug 1989   
    Married  Jun 1940  [1, 2, 3]  New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana, USA  [1, 2, 3] Find all individuals with events at this location
    Father  Raymond Jay Squires | F579 Group Sheet 
    Mother  Ella Frances Nick | F579 Group Sheet 

    Dr. Gretchen Marie VitterMother | Female
    Dr. Gretchen Marie Vitter

    Born  15 Apr 1914   
    Died  4 Oct 1983  Breast cancer, Pensacola, Escambia, Florida, USA Find all individuals with events at this location
    Father  Harry Albert Vitter | F19 Group Sheet 
    Mother  Jeannette Lizette Moore | F19 Group Sheet 

    Dr. Raymond Jay Squires, IIChild 1 | Male
    Dr. Raymond Jay Squires, II

    Spouse  Jeannine Elizabeth Corbett | F3466 

    Catherine Ann SquiresChild 2 | Female
    Catherine Ann Squires

    Born  19 Jan 1947   
    Died  18 Feb 2016   
    Spouse  Kevin Hunt | F3462 

  • Sources 
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    2. [S1617] Notes of Elvira Kupfer Schukat, Guestbook posting at vitter.org, 8 December 2020.
      Never, ever will I forget Dr. Gretchen, I still have some of her paintings, I was with her, holding her hand in her final hours. I simply can not forget or put it out of my mind. She suffered so much, only I know, I was with her day and night. Her dignity was taken from her because of everything she was exposed to. In her final days, she was unable to speak, move around but we communicated via eye blinking. The only way for me to find out what she wanted and needed. I ask the question and 2 blinks meant yes, when she kept her eyes closed it meant no. I still miss her very much and I am upset that her photo is not on display among all the other Physicians pictures at Baptist Hospital in Pensacola Fl. She was the first female Pathologist in charge at Baptist, she also treated the poor patients at former University Hospital free of charge. I sometimes wonder what ever happened to the Art Classes (painting) that she started in Pensacola. I guess, I am the only person beside her family that remembers her. I also cared for her husband Dr. Raymond B. Squires and was with him until he past away. Unfortunately, after his second open heart surgery he was never informed that he had a heart attack during surgery and it damaged his heart muscle. He did not know and continued using his gym equipment daily. Nobody told him that he should take it easy and relax, but he continued with his exercise equipment daily. It killed him. His best friend and Physician knew about it, but told him in his final hours. I never forget how upset Dr. Squires was when he was informed. He wanted to change his living Will, it was to late. But he told me a joke just before he past away...he never got to the punch line...I miss both, very much, I am now 77 years old, still thinking about the lovely couple I was able to attend and made their passing somewhat comfortable. Love Elvira

    3. [S1617] Notes of Elvira Kupfer Schukat, Email to Jeff Vitter, 16 April 2021.
      Thank you for your e-mail, happy to hear from a family member.

      I cared for Dr. Gretchen during her last 6 months at her home, later she was transferred to West Florida Hospital, a few days afterwards she past away. She was a fighter and still had a sense of humor until she was unable to speak duo to her brain tumor. We had an agreement that she will blink twice for 'YES' and one time for 'NO', I had to make sure that she get whatever she needed. Unfortunately some of the Hospitals Staff was not very good and I reported it to Dr. Jay Squires. I held her hand during the horrible time at night and placed a warm washcloth on her forehead, she always use to ask for it. Dr. Raymond Squires could not come to say good by, it was to much for him.

      After Dr. Gretchen past away I was called to care for Dr. Raymond, he already had open heart surgery and needed a second surgery. Early one morning Dr. Raymond became ill, I called his friend and Physician Dr. Howard Herring, he ordered EMS to the house and I stayed with Dr. Squires at the Hospital until he died days later. He was about to tell me a joke......got upset when the nurse told me to take a brake ..his last words 'a little curse word...' .His kidneys failed already.

      Dr. Squires told me that he want to change his living will, Dr. Herring told me that it was to late for that. I met family members from New Orleans, cousin and a elderly aunt.(still have photos). Dr. Squires often talked about the good old days, playing Poker, golf, hunting and listening to Jazz. He also spoke some German, and shared photos from WW2, especially France. I could not believe the circumstances doctors had to work under. IV on a stick of wood and so on. He loved his hunting dogs, his two first grandchildren especially Ceicel. He also hesitated to sell his 'classic' Porsche' but eventually he decided to sell. Dr. Squires was worried about Cathy and the person she married because he had to help out financially all the time. I remember that she had diabetes. We both attended her wedding. Cathy was much older and her husband ignored her often, he spend most of the time on his motorcycle with his friend.

      I love to write more but I have a Tarlov Cyst on my spinal nerve roots as of 2018 and it has become larger, my next MRI is in May. The pain is not pleasant and unfortunately I am allergic to most pain medication, I take Tylenol. I can not find an Neurologist to have it drained or removed, high risk so I am told.

      Again I thank you getting in touch with me, I have the American Citizen Ship but still make mistakes when writing, I am 78 years old in July and the memory is getting somewhat down hill...

      I still have some paintings from Dr. Gretchen, also her isle and the table she sat on while painting/brushes.

      Both are always in my memory, who can forget incredible people like that.

      Hope to hear from you again, perhaps I can send you photographs because I am not sure how long I can hang on with this cyst and other problems. I guess I am a walking time bomb. (smile)


      Elvira Kupfer-Schukat (former Richardson)

      8479 Old Spanish Trail Rd.

      Pensacola Fl. 32514