Dr., Capt. Jeffrey Scott Vitter, Jr.

Dr., Capt. Jeffrey Scott Vitter, Jr.

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    • Scott was born at 9:21 A.M. in the morning. He was delivered by Dr. Terrence Cahill at the recently built Women and Infants Hospital, next to R.I. Hospital. He came out very quickly. We just had time to drop Jillian off at our friends Robert and Amy Korn, who were parents of Jillian's friend Miriam. We got to the hospital and Scott was born a short time later. Fortunately, the doctor arrived just beforehand. His godparents are sister Jillian and cousin Jason Jackoniski. Scott's nickname before he was born was Mookie, and his family nickname as a child was Scooterman.

      Scott started nursery school at Henry Barnard on the Rhode Island College Campus. He went there his 3 year old and part of his 4 year old years. We moved to Durham, N.C. in April of his 4 year old year. His friends included Tim Clark and Jamison (who called Sharon "Sargeant Slugger"). Once settled in Durham, there wasn't room in the 4 year old program at the Duke School for Children at 1516 Hull Ave, Durham. He started there in the fall of 1993 in kindergarten and graduated from fourth grade in May 1998. Friends included Chris Sheppard, Tyler Radtke, Jordan Schiff, and Peter Truskey. During Scott's 5 th grade year (1998-1999) we lived in Valbonne, France for the year while Jeff had a sabbitical at INRIA located Sophia Antipolis. Scott attended Form 6 in an english speaking school called Mougins School, in the adjacent town of Mougins, France. Friends included Matthew Woodrow and James St. John. Scott attended middle school and freshman year in high school at Cary Academy, Cary, N.C., where he was on the honor roll and played basketball, baseball, and soccer and sang in the Chorus.

      When we made the decision to move from Providence to Duke (so that Jeff could move from Brown to assume the chairmanship of the Department of Computer Science at Duke), we took the kids to a Mexican restaurant for dinner. After dinner at the car, while we were getting ready to go get dessert at the Brown branch of Maximilian's ice cream shop, Sharon and Jeff broke the news of the move to the kids. Jillian started crying because of her friends. Scott just looked at us and said in a very sincere voice, "I'm gonna miss you guys!" Then we explained to Scott that he was coming with us!

      Among Scott's accomplishments is his feat as an 8-year-old of eating 14 beignets at Cafe du Monde in one sitting. Scott remembers going at 3.5 years old with Jeff to see Notre Dame upset Florida in the 1/1/1992 Sugar Bowl. He was getting sleepy in the first half, so Jeff got him an ice cream bar, after which he was wired for the rest of the game. After the game, back at Mimi & Père's house, he was running touchdowns up and down the hallway. Scott was always a sports fanatic, often memorizing the scores of the previous day on ESPN Sportscenter each morning.

      Scott graduated from Harrison High School in West Lafayette, IN in 2006 and from the University of Notre Dame magna cum laude in mechanical engineering in 2010. He attended the American University in Cairo during his first semester junior year as part of study abroad. Jeff visited him in Cairo in November 2008. At Notre Dame, Scott served as Army ROTC Commander and Tri-Batallion Commander (across all three services) and won several awards. After graduation, he served as a 1st LT, 2nd LT, and Captain in the U.S. Army and won designations as Army Ranger, Engineer, Pathfinder, and Jumpmaster. He and his other three teammates won first place in the 2012 Bataan Death March marathon race, each running a full marathon (and finishing together) in full Army gear carrying a 30-pound ruck sack in the New Mexico heat. He served a little over a year in Afghanistan.

      In 2014, he started graduate school in mechanical engineering at the University of Texas at Austin in Prof. Michael Webber's group and entered the Texas Army National Guard.

      Brown hair, brown eyes.
     1. Dr. Jillian St. Raymond Vitter (ID:I3)
     2. Audrey Louise Vitter (ID:I5)


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    Father Dr. Jeffrey Scott Vitter (ID:I1785),   b. 13 Nov 1955, New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana, USA Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Mother Sharon Louise Weaver (ID:I2),   b. 24 Mar 1955, Gardner, Johnson, Kansas, USA Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Married 14 Aug 1982  First Presbyterian Church, Paola, Miami, Kansas, USA Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Sharon Weaver Engagment Announcement Document
    Weaver- Vitter Wedding Miami County Republic Document
    1982-08-13 -- Vitter Weaver Rehearsal Dinner Document
    Jeff & Sharon'a Wedding Christmas photo
    Jeff & Sharon's Wedding
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    Wife Lindsay Sena (ID:I13462) 
    Jeffrey Scott Vitter Jr
    Jeffrey Scott Vitter Jr
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    Jeffrey Scott Vitter Jr
    Jeffrey Scott Vitter Jr
    A. L. & Audrey Vitter: Role Models Extraordinaires
    A. L. & Audrey Vitter: Role Models Extraordinaires
    Jeff Vitter's parents A. L. Jr. & Audrey (née St. Raymond) Vitter (grandparent names Père and Mimi) led accomplished lives of extraordinary service and caring for others — a legacy for generations to follow (including many Domers and a killer cookbook!).
    Après le <em>Aha!</em> moment (et avant aussi!)
    Après le Aha! moment (et avant aussi!)
    As highlighted in the history "The Aha! Moment That Led to This Website," Jeff Vitter made a big breakthrough in December 2000 when he discovered when, where, and how his Vitter ancestors came from Europe to the USA. Much correspondence behind the scenes led up to and beyond that discovery. This history gives an inside look at the correspondences that genealogists engage in and how what we understand grows (we hope!) with time.
    Martin Samuel Weaver: Kansas Homesteader
    Martin Samuel Weaver: Kansas Homesteader
    Sharon (née Weaver) Vitter's paternal great grandfather Martin Weaver, from a family of 18 children, forged the way from Holmes County, Ohio to Miami County, Kansas and established today's Weaver Homestead in suburban Kansas City.
    Remembering Those Back in Uzan
    Remembering Those Back in Uzan
    In the 1800s, the Ferran, St. Raymond, and Cougot families lived around a small village in southwestern France called Uzan (pronounced "u-ZHANG" in the local patois). After emigrating to the U. S. A., they sponsored a monument to those from Uzan who gave their lives during World War I. It stands there still today in front of the city hall.
    Vitter Holiday Cards Through the Years
    Vitter Holiday Cards Through the Years
    'Tis the Season to be jolly! Welcome to a tradition starting in 1945 spanning several generations of annual Christmas greeting cards, augmented from time to time with cards for other occasions.
    Our Loyal Guardians Rex & Queenie
    Our Loyal Guardians Rex & Queenie
    Rex and Queenie — half-ton cast-iron Newfoundland dogs — have stood guard over Vitter-Artigues homes in New Orleans for about 110 years and have a fascinating (and still mysterious) genealogy of their own.
    When Jeff & Audrey Vitter Lost Jillian & Scott in the Woods
    When Jeff & Audrey Vitter Lost Jillian & Scott in the Woods
    Some fun interviews with Jillian, Scott, & Audrey Vitter when their dad Jeff was being inaugurated as 17th Chancellor of the University of Mississippi, including a vivid description of their 2004 Father's Day hike in the woods when Jeff & Audrey lost Jillian & Scott. Fortunately all turned out well!
    <em>Thursday Night Cookin': Mimi's Recipes for a Happy Home</em>
    Thursday Night Cookin': Mimi's Recipes for a Happy Home
    Judge Wendy Vitter put together a wonderful cook book in honor of Mimi's 78th birthday in 1998, entitled Thursday Night Cookin': Mimi's Recipes for a Happy Home. The cook book consists of the family's favorite recipes of Mimi's, along with several bons mots, family trivia, and memories. The name for the cook book came from the family's tradition of having Thursday night dinner at Mimi & Pere's.

    When the Vitter kids were younger, a similar tradition existed at Mimi's parents' home at 3539 Napoleon, where Mémère and Pépère would host everyone to Wednesday night dinner, often roast chicken. Jeff liked to make little chicken sandwiches with the chicken, biscuits, and gravy.