Vincenzo Paradiso

Male 1849 -
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  • Name Vincenzo Paradiso  [1
    Relationshipwith Jeffrey Scott Vitter
    Born 21 Jan 1849  [1
    Gender Male 
     1. Leonarda Paradiso (ID:I51604),   b. 20 Jan 1845, Tricarico, Matera, Basilicata, Italy Find all individuals with events at this location
     2. Domenico Paradiso (ID:I51605),   b. 1 Aug 1846
     3. Rocco Antonio Paradiso (ID:I51607),   b. 5 Sep 1856,   d. 27 Dec 1858  (Age 2 years)
     4. Rocco Paradiso (ID:I51608),   b. 1 Jan 1862


    Family ID: F39801 Group Sheet  |  Family Chart  
    Father Angelo Paradiso (ID:I51602),   b. 1817 
    Relationship natural 
    Mother Isabella Domenica Benevento (ID:I51603),   b. 31 Oct 1824 
    Relationship natural 
    Married UNKNOWN  [1


    Family ID: F39782 Group Sheet  |  Family Chart 7 Oct 2020   
    Wife Domenica Tomaccio (ID:I51571),   b. 11 Nov 1851,   d. 1 Apr 1915  (Age 63 years) 
    Married UNKNOWN  [1
      1. Maria Michel Paradiso (ID:I51609),   b. 6 Nov 1875, Tricarico, Matera, Basilicata, Italy Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 16 Aug 1886  (Age 10 years)  [natural]
      2. Angela Paradiso (ID:I51610),   b. 17 Jan 1878,   d. 11 Mar 1918  (Age 40 years)  [natural]
      3. Isabella Paradiso (ID:I51611),   b. 20 Feb 1880,   d. 28 Feb 1915  (Age 35 years)  [natural]
      4. Theresa Paradiso (ID:I51613),   b. 6 May 1882,   d. 22 Feb 1887  (Age 4 years)  [natural]
      5. Antonia Paradiso (ID:I51614),   b. 24 Jan 1885,   d. Sep 1887  (Age 2 years)  [natural]
      6. Nicola Paradiso (ID:I51615),   b. 9 Nov 1888, Tricarico, Matera, Basilicata, Italy Find all individuals with events at this location  [natural]
      7. Giuseppe Paradiso (ID:I51617),   b. 17 Jan 1891  [natural]
  • Source Citations

    1. [S1443] Family Database of Luisi-Paradiso-Tomaccio (Tomacci) Family, Mary Paradiso, Nicola Tomacci (Tomaccio) and descendants, Domenico Paradiso and descendants, Domenico Luisi and descendants.
      Tricarico, Italy: Luisi, Paradiso, Tomaccio(Tomacci) Family
      By Mary Paradiso August 12, 2002 at 03:26:22

      Looking for my relatives in Tricarico Italy and USA. All my ancestors. Surnames: Baldassarre, Benevento, Cetani, Evangelista, Frumento, Lauria, Lovaglio, Luisi, Paradiso, Perrone, Pisani, Sodo, Tangredi, Tomacci (Tomaccio), Vitacco.

      Tomacci (Tomaccio)Family name:

      My Great-great-great-grandparents were: Nicola Tomacci (Tomaccio)DOB:1791 in Albano Lucano Potenza he married Carmina Perrone DOB:1789 San Chirico Nuovo Potenza Died:4-10-1849 in Tricarico. The Tomacci (Tomaccio) Children were: 1.Canio Guiseppe Rocco DOB:5-28-1811, 2.Michel Archangelo DOB:9-26-1814 he married Rosa Domenica Uricchio) 3.Giovanni Antonio DOB:1-25-1819 he married Maria Carmilla Demma DOB:1-12-1826)4.Guiesppe Nicola DOB:1-20-1829 Died:11-8-1882 he married Maria Frumento DOB:8-16-1829 Died:11-21-1860, Guiesppe Nicola remarried to Maria DeCanio DOB:1-12-1832 Died:1-28-1863, he remarried Theresa Grassano DOB:4-4-1822)5.Maria Carmela DOB:3-4-1832. 6.Antonio DOB:9-28-1833.

      My Great-great-grandparents were:Guiesppe Nicola Tomacci (Tomaccio) and Maria Frumento.

      The Tomacci (Tomaccio) children were: 1.Domenica DOB:11-11-1851 Died:4-1-1915 she married Vincenzo Paradiso DOB:1-21-1849) 2.Carmina DOB:8-9-1854 she married Rocco Basile DOB:8-17-1852)3.Antonia DOB:1-25-1857 she married Rocco Malvinni DOB:3-14-1851)4.Nicola DOB:7-26-1859.

      The Paradiso/Tomaccio family Name:

      My Great-great-great-grandparents were: Domenico Paradiso and Leonarda Cetani The Paradiso children were: 1.Celeste DOB:1807 in Tricarico she married Francisco Langone)2.Orsola Rosa DOB:1-45-1810. 3.Orsola DOB:3-27-1813. 4.Angelo DOB:1817 he married Isabella Domenica Benevento DOB:10-31-1824) 5.Giovanni DOB:6-14-1818. 6.Rosa DOB:12-21-1821.

      My Great-great-grandparents were Angelo Paradiso and Isabella Benevento and the Paradiso children were: 1.Leonarda DOB:1-20-1845 in Tricarico. 2.Domenico DOB:8-1-1846. 3.Vincenzo DOB:1-21-1849 in Tricarico he married Domenica Tomacci()DOB:11-11-1849) 4. Rocco Antonio DOB:9-5-1856 Died:12-27-1858. 5.Rocco DOB:1-1-1862.

      My Great-grandparents Vincenzo Paradiso and Domenica's Children were: 1.Maria Michel DOB:11-6-1875 in Tricarico, Italy Died:8-16-1886. 2.Angela DOB:1-17-1878 Died:3-11-1918. 3.Isabella DOB:2-20-1880 Died:2-28-1915 she married Rocco Eugenio DOB:3-10-1878) 4.Theresa DOB:5-6-1882 Died:2-22-1887. 5.Antonia DOB:1-24-1885 Died:9-1887. 6.Nicola DOB:11-9-1888 in Tricarico. he married Rosa Luisi DOB:9-15-1891) 7.Guiesppe DOB:1-17-1891. Nicola and his brother Guiesppe Paradiso came to the USA in 1905. In October 1911 my grandfather, Nicola Paradiso married his cousin Rosa Luisi in San Jose, California. The witnesses at their wedding were their cousins Mary Tomaccio and Michael Tomaccio.
      My grandparents were: Nicola Paradiso and Rosa Luisi.

      Luisi/Tomaccio Family name:
      My grandmother's parents were: Domenico Luisi and Theresa Tomaccio (Tomacci). My grandma, Rosa Luisi Paradiso came to the USA in October 1911 and married her cousin, my grandfather, Nicola Paraadiso in October 1911. My grandma had a sister that lived in Tricarico, Italy (name is unknown) but my grandma's sister married a man my grandmother was in love with. There was a brother name Antonio(Tony) Luisi. He came to the USA in 1921 when he was 18 years old. He lived with my grandparents in Crescent City, CA. for a while then I am not sure where he went after that.

      If you are my relative or have information on my relatives please write me.

      Thank you.
      Sincerely, Mary Paradise