Forest Grove Cemetery, Middlebury, Elkhart, Indiana, USA  Forest Grove Cemetery, Middlebury, Elkhart, Indiana, USA


Forest Grove Cemetery, Middlebury, Elkhart, Indiana, USA

Primary Death events in Forest Grove Cemetery, Middlebury, Elkhart, Indiana, USA

   Name  Death BirthPerson ID
1 Byler, Rebecca16 Feb 189227 Apr 1837Fairfield, Ohio, USAI47347

Primary Burial events in Forest Grove Cemetery, Middlebury, Elkhart, Indiana, USA

   Name  Burial BirthDeathPerson ID
1 Berkey, John C. 26 Mar 1838Stark, Ohio, USA10 Mar 1915Middlebury, Elkhart, Indiana, USAI47503
2 Blank, Lydia 7 Nov 1808Mifflin, Pennsylvania, USA22 Dec 1886Middlebury, Elkhart, Indiana, USAI31736
3 Conrad, Mary Ann 10 Sep 1855Noble, Indiana, USA22 Sep 1910Middlebury, Elkhart, Indiana, USAI47348
4 Heign, Clyde J. 17 Aug 1890 11 Aug 1971 I52671
5 Hershberger, Samuel D. 16 Aug 1856Cambria, Pennsylvania, USA27 Nov 1927 I33185
6 Kanagy, Lydia 19 Feb 1820Mifflin, Pennsylvania, USA13 Jun 1903Goshen, Elkhart, Indiana, USAI59417
7 Kauffman, Jacob M. 18 Nov 1834Holmes, Ohio, USA2 Sep 1916Marshallville, Wayne, Ohio, USAI45883
8 Kauffman, Jonas 30 Apr 1836 8 Jan 1912 I45884
9 Kauffman, Magdalena 18 May 1833Holmes, Ohio, USA25 May 1890Elkhart, Indiana, USAI45882
10 Kauffman, Mary Ann 16 Aug 1831Holmes, Ohio, USA1 Mar 1884Middlebury, Elkhart, Indiana, USAI31743
11 Kauffman, Mary Ann 13 Sep 1861Lagrange, Lagrange, Indiana, USA24 Mar 1925Shipshewana, Lagrange, Indiana, USAI26830
12 Kauffman, Moses D. 22 Mar 1804Somerset, Somerset, Pennsylvania, USA8 Dec 1872Middlebury, Elkhart, Indiana, USAI27884
13 Kauffman, Solomon M. 20 Sep 1837 14 Jun 1913 I45885
14 Mast, Rachel 3 Dec 1827Holmes, Ohio, USA12 Dec 1906Shanesville, Tuscarawas, Ohio, USAI43449
15 Mehl, Lovina Lucy 1 Aug 1875Holmes, Ohio, USA15 May 1943Lagrange, Indiana, USAI63499
16 Miller, Benedict J. 11 Jan 1828Holmes, Ohio, USA22 Aug 1906Middlebury, Elkhart, Indiana, USAI30378
17 Miller, Lydia 25 Sep 1831Somerset, Pennsylvania, USA22 May 1905Middlebury, Elkhart, Indiana, USAI36968
18 Miller, Samuel S. 5 Feb 1853Shipshewana, Lagrange, Indiana, USA30 Mar 1879Lagrange, Indiana, USAI47349
19 Mishler, Enos I. 10 Jan 1878 9 Jan 1963 I63498
20 Mishler, Hazel Marie 4 Nov 1903Lake, Indiana, USA7 Mar 1991Elkhart, Indiana, USAI63497
21 Mishler, Jeremiah 11 Jun 1859Kosciusko, Indiana, USA1 Jan 1947Goshen, Elkhart, Indiana, USAI46064
22 Mishler, Sarah Abt 1841Holmes, Ohio, USA1887Elkhart, Indiana, USAI46063
23 Schrock, Arvilla 8 Dec 1871Elkhart, Indiana, USA18 Feb 1911Middlebury, Elkhart, Indiana, USAI47468
24 Schrock, Benjamin 22 Feb 1819(Holmes County, Ohio was formed on 4 Jan 1825 from portions of Coshocton, Tuscarawas, and Wayne Counties), Holmes, Ohio, USA16 Nov 1892Elkhart, Indiana, USAI47460
25 Schrock, Caroline 6 Aug 1858Lagrange, Indiana, USA10 May 1888Elkhart, Indiana, USAI36970
26 Schrock, Daniel S. 1859 1920 I47473
27 Schrock, Edson G. 17 Aug 1871Indiana, USA1928 I44828
28 Schrock, Harry J. 9 May 1903 12 Dec 1974 I63489
29 Schrock, Jacob D. 15 Dec 1823 1918 I59873
30 Schrock, Jacob P. 3 Jul 1826Wayne, Ohio, USA21 Jun 1920Middlebury, Elkhart, Indiana, USAI36969
31 Schrock, Lydia 10 May 1867Elkhart, Indiana, USA1946 I36972
32 Schwin, Simon 15 Sep 1825Switzerland8 Nov 1910Middlebury, Elkhart, Indiana, USAI47482
33 Speicher, Catherine M. 8 Mar 1840Wayne, Ohio, USA4 Jul 1899Middlebury, Elkhart, Indiana, USAI47502
34 Stutzman, Elizabeth 29 May 1816 25 Feb 1908 I47504
35 Stutzman, Leah 20 Jul 1836USA5 Jun 1916USAI47483
36 Stutzman, Maria 8 Nov 1821(Holmes County, Ohio was formed on 4 Jan 1825 from portions of Coshocton, Tuscarawas, and Wayne Counties), Holmes, Ohio, USA18 Feb 1901Middlebury, Elkhart, Indiana, USAI47459
37 Stutzman, Mary 11 Dec 1845Wayne, Ohio, USA25 May 1924Elkhart, Indiana, USAI47532
38 Troyer, Seth 4 Nov 1835Holmes, Ohio, USA6 May 1910Constantine, St Joseph, Michigan, USAI59872
39 Yoder, Anna Mary 1860 20 Jun 1904Indiana, USAI47472
40 Yoder, Henry H. 1871 7 Nov 1944 I47469
41 Yoder, Jonas 16 May 1858 28 Feb 1894Middlebury, Elkhart, Indiana, USAI26834
42 Yoder, Salome 1886 1980 I52670