Forks Cemetery, Lagrange, Indiana, USA  Forks Cemetery, Lagrange, Indiana, USA


Forks Cemetery, Lagrange, Indiana, USA

Primary Burial events in Forks Cemetery, Lagrange, Indiana, USA

   Name  Burial BirthDeathPerson ID
1 Beechy, Fannie B. 15 Aug 1888Lagrange, Indiana, USA25 Oct 1965Lagrange, Indiana, USAI50317
2 Berkey, Eli C. 25 Oct 1850Stark, Ohio, USA21 Dec 1920Middlebury, Elkhart, Indiana, USAI47506
3 Bontrager, Christian J. 17 Jul 1826Somerset, Pennsylvania, USA6 Jan 1908Lagrange, Indiana, USAI44689
4 Bontrager, Joseph 4 Aug 1811Somerset, Pennsylvania, USA5 Apr 1908Elkhart, Indiana, USAI37321
5 Bontrager, Reuben E. 13 Jul 1852Elkhart, Indiana, USA26 Dec 1947Lagrange, Indiana, USAI55484
6 Eash, Barbara 19 Sep 1807(Juniata County, Pennsylvania was formed from part of Mifflin County in March 1831), Juniata, Pennsylvania, USA13 Aug 1891Lagrange, Indiana, USAI59232
7 Eash, Benjamin 21 Sep 1803Juniata, Pennsylvania, USA22 Oct 1875 I47542
8 Eash, Solomon 10 Sep 1812(Juniata County, Pennsylvania was formed from part of Mifflin County in March 1831), Juniata, Pennsylvania, USA17 Oct 1885Lagrange, Indiana, USAI47808
9 Hershberger, Veronica 2 Feb 1832Somerset, Pennsylvania, USA29 Aug 1902Lagrange, Lagrange, Indiana, USAI26837
10 Jones, Magdalena 6 Mar 1858Holmes, Ohio, USA9 Dec 1930Stuttgart, Arkansas, Arkansas, USAI55546
11 Weaver, Susanna 1 Jun 1811Somerset, Pennsylvania, USA13 Jan 1869Lagrange, Indiana, USAI47543
12 Wingard, Amelia M. 24 Sep 1879Lagrange, Indiana, USA8 Apr 1908Middlebury, Elkhart, Indiana, USAI49400
13 Yoder, Barbara 10 Apr 1811Somerset, Pennsylvania, USA2 Oct 1888Elkhart, Indiana, USAI47516
14 Yoder, Catherine 21 Jul 1852Berlin, Holmes, Ohio, USA10 Sep 1934Lagrange, Indiana, USAI47507
15 Yoder, Christian H. 15 Oct 1853Somerset, Pennsylvania, USA11 Oct 1940 I55545
16 Yoder, Elizabeth 12 Apr 1852Davidsville, Somerset, Pennsylvania, USA16 Jan 1934Indiana, USAI64802
17 Yoder, Florence 1885Indiana, USA8 Mar 1885 I52669
18 Yoder, Henry C. 19 Dec 1812(Holmes County, Ohio was formed on 4 Jan 1825 from portions of Coshocton, Tuscarawas, and Wayne Counties), Holmes, Ohio, USA3 Feb 1887Elkhart, Indiana, USAI50861