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Servin, Doubs, Franche-Comté, France  Servin, Doubs, Franche-Comté, France


Servin, Doubs, Franche-Comté, France
Crosey Parish, Servin, Doubs, Franche-Comté, France

Primary Birth events within Servin, Doubs, Franche-Comté, France

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   Name  Birth DeathPerson ID
1 ?, Louise Eugénie11 Jan 1891(here)DECEASED I80675
2 Anguenot, Louis Saturnin Élie21 Dec 1877(here)11 Jun 1955Roulans, _, _, _I82528
3 Ayssey, Christine Émilie4 Sep 1853(here)DECEASED I84597
4 Ayssey, Émile Auguste22 May 1855(here)26 Jun 1855(here)I85549
5 Bidal29 Oct 1693(here)29 Oct 1693(here)I82430
6 Bidal1 Sep 1701(here)1 Sep 1701(here)I83941
7 Bidal, Adeline Eugénie3 Aug 1885(here)DECEASED I83502
8 Bidal, Adrien19 Jan 1659(here)Bef Feb 1744 I85359
9 Bidal, Honorable/Honnête Adrien19 May 1685(here)16 Feb 1755(here)I82604
10 Bidal, Adrien21 Nov 1690(here)8 Sep 1781(here)I84010
11 Bidal, Adrien10 May 1698(here)24 Feb 1705(here)I83153
12 Bidal, Adrien15 Oct 1698(here)DECEASED I85427
13 Bidal, Adrien11 May 1723(here)13 Oct 1792(here)I82778
14 Bidal, Adrien1731(here)11 Nov 1808(here)I84187
15 Bidal, Adrien25 Mar 1742(here)19 Jan 1804(here)I83902
16 Bidal, Adrien Célestin2 Jan 1791(here)6 Jul 1812Besançon, _, _, _I85322
17 Bidal, Adrien Joseph20 Oct 1767(here)26 Oct 1767(here)I82672
18 Bidal, Agathe25 Jan 1725(here)DECEASED I84079
19 Bidal, Agathe12 Dec 1739(here)DECEASED I83031
20 Bidal, Aimable Henri Aristide13 Aug 1838(here)10 May 1887(here)I82836
21 Bidal, Albert Auguste Stanislas13 May 1871(here)DECEASED I83384
22 Bidal, Alexis1 Sep 1754(here)DECEASED I85596
23 Bidal, Alexis19 Jul 1756(here)DECEASED I82843
24 Bidal, Alexis6 Apr 1767(here)30 May 1795(here)I84544
25 Bidal, Alexis28 Sep 1769(here)24 Sep 1780(here)I86060
26 Bidal, Alfred Auguste22 Apr 1887(here)DECEASED I85533
27 Bidal, Anne16 Jun 1647(here)DECEASED I84150
28 Bidal, Anne30 Mar 1705(here)DECEASED I83304
29 Bidal, Anne24 Mar 1719(here)21 Dec 1785(here)I84716
30 Bidal, Anne Antoine23 May 1718(here)11 Sep 1784(here)I83376
31 Bidal, Anne Claude29 Nov 1693(here)DECEASED I84040
32 Bidal, Anne Claude3 Nov 1712(here)9 Nov 1712(here)I83197
33 Bidal, Anne Claude20 May 1717(here)DECEASED I84609
34 Bidal, Anne Claude26 Apr 1770(here)3 May 1833Lanans, _, _, _I83654
35 Bidal, Anne Françoise8 Apr 1721(here)15 Oct 1786(here)I82810
36 Bidal, Annette Augustine7 Dec 1868(here)21 Nov 1963L'Isle-sur-le-Doubs, _, _, _I86022
37 Bidal, Honorable Antoine23 Sep 1608(here)1 Mar 1690(here)I75272
38 Bidal, AntoineAbt 25 Apr 1649(here)17 Feb 1700(here)I50071
39 Bidal, Antoine14 Dec 1655(here)19 Feb 1710(here)I82351
40 Bidal, Antoine11 May 1690(here)19 Nov 1745(here)I83828
41 Bidal, Antoine21 Nov 1690(here)23 Nov 1690(here)I85245
42 Bidal, Antoine3 Apr 1739(here)1 Aug 1739(here)I80742
43 Bidal, Antoine Félix20 Nov 1720(here)2 Mar 1766(here)I85283
44 Bidal, Antoinette13 Oct 1610(here)DECEASED I81243
45 Bidal, Auguste Alfred12 Sep 1844(here)DECEASED I84002
46 Bidal, Auguste Eugène20 Dec 1842(here)DECEASED I83864
47 Bidal, Auguste Eugène11 Jan 1874(here)19 Feb 1930(here)I84456
48 Bidal, Auguste Virgile31 Mar 1845(here)5 Mar 1920(here)I80582
49 Bidal, Augustine Caroline7 Sep 1848(here)DECEASED I82220
50 Bidal, Charles Guillaume23 May 1709(here)14 Jan 1772Randevillers, _, _, _I85878
51 Bidal, Charles Jules19 Jan 1877(here)4 Jun 1877(here)I85610
52 Bidal, Charlotte20 May 1737(here)DECEASED I85029
53 Bidal, Christine Alexandrine11 Dec 1853(here)DECEASED I85703
54 Bidal, Christine Célestine11 Jun 1851(here)19 Jan 1852(here)I84483
55 Bidal, Christine Olympe24 May 1829(here)15 May 1899(here)I82499
56 Bidal, ChristopheAbt 1 Apr 1662(here)DECEASED I81824
57 Bidal, Christophe AlexisAbt 28 Feb 1695(here)13 Jan 1759(here)I50065
58 Bidal, Claire Françoise7 Nov 1744(here)24 Mar 1806Lomont-sur-Crête, _, _, _I84829
59 Bidal, Claire Virginie5 Apr 1823(here)24 Aug 1854(here)I83369
60 Bidal, Claude30 Nov 1652(here)DECEASED I85817
61 Bidal, ClaudeAbt 12 Aug 1669(here)DECEASED I80749
62 Bidal, Claude17 Jul 1696(here)30 Aug 1713(here)I85517
63 Bidal, Claude28 Jul 1703(here)12 May 1710(here)I86160
64 Bidal, Claude30 Apr 1704(here)25 Jan 1705(here)I83509
65 Bidal, Claude Alexis19 Oct 1784(here)DECEASED I85772
66 Bidal, Claude Antoine3 Nov 1689(here)30 Jan 1772(here)I83965
67 Bidal, Claude Antoine22 Feb 1693(here)28 Mar 1693(here)I83121
68 Bidal, Claude Clément12 Oct 1677(here)18 Feb 1678(here)I82167
69 Bidal, Claude Étienne6 Sep 1701(here)13 May 1710(here)I85382
70 Bidal, Claude Étienne29 May 1710(here)21 Aug 1751(here)I84535
71 Bidal, Claude Félix15 Jun 1763(here)12 Oct 1775(here)I83578
72 Bidal, Claude François13 Nov 1692(here)DECEASED I80759
73 Bidal, Claude François13 Jan 1697(here)DECEASED I80740
74 Bidal, Claude François30 Aug 1706(here)22 Oct 1709(here)I84992
75 Bidal, Claude François4 Apr 1738(here)DECEASED I82342
76 Bidal, Claude François5 Nov 1768(here)8 Nov 1768(here)I85556
77 Bidal, Claude François1 Sep 1807(here)2 May 1829 I82484
78 Bidal, Claude Françoise22 Sep 1674(here)8 Nov 1691(here)I82803
79 Bidal, Claude Françoise6 Aug 1732(here)12 Jan 1787(here)I86119
80 Bidal, Claude Françoise16 Mar 1746(here)DECEASED I82276
81 Bidal, Claude Françoise10 Mar 1775(here)13 Mar 1775(here)I85168
82 Bidal, Claude Françoise16 May 1776(here)DECEASED I84211
83 Bidal, Claude Françoise13 Jan 1807(here)14 Jan 1807(here)I83367
84 Bidal, Claude Joseph16 Dec 1764(here)DECEASED I82234
85 Bidal, Claude Joseph18 Mar 1773(here)DECEASED I85449
86 Bidal, Claude Joseph31 Mar 1775(here)DECEASED I84497
87 Bidal, Claude Joseph19 Nov 1787(here)24 Apr 1866(here)I85735
88 Bidal, Claude Marie4 Feb 1733(here)DECEASED I83645
89 Bidal, Claude Marie24 Oct 1774(here)9 Jul 1851Chaux-lès-Passavant, _, _, _I86013
90 Bidal, Claude Marie30 May 1777(here)9 Apr 1813Vellevans, _, _, _I83257
91 Bidal, Claudia31 Mar 1584(here)DECEASED I86028
92 Bidal, Claudia18 May 1696(here)DECEASED I82305
93 Bidal, Claudia12 Dec 1697(here)DECEASED I85624
94 Bidal, Claudine24 Dec 1691(here)12 Feb 1752Bourg-Dessous, Passavant, _, _, _I83716
95 Bidal, Claudine15 Apr 1695(here)3 Oct 1757(here)I82872
96 Bidal, Claudine26 Nov 1712(here)11 May 1796(here)I84672
97 Bidal, Clémence Pélagie14 Sep 1864(here)DECEASED I85236
98 Bidal, ClémentAbt 14 Aug 1685(here)DECEASED I80752
99 Bidal, Clément17 Sep 1700(here)DECEASED I84281
100 Bidal, Constance Julienne Ernestine25 Jul 1863(here)DECEASED I83329
101 Bidal, Constant Désiré23 Dec 1813(here)22 Mar 1874(here)I82482
102 Bidal, Delphin Adolphe14 Aug 1846(here)24 Jan 1864(here)I83070
103 Bidal, Dorothée9 Nov 1696(here)26 Aug 1774(here)I82943
104 Bidal, EtienneAbt 8 Feb 1692(here)28 Jan 1754(here)I80755
105 Bidal, Étienne18 Nov 1699(here)9 Dec 1699(here)I86257
106 Bidal, Étienne24 Feb 1738(here)15 Aug 1780(here)I85060
107 Bidal, Étienne Célestin11 May 1818(here)30 Mar 1880(here)I85307
108 Bidal, Francois Auguste25 Jan 1804(here)13 May 1871(here)I80584
109 Bidal, François Joseph28 Dec 1741(here)22 Dec 1817(here)I80760
110 Bidal, François Joseph22 May 1773(here)DECEASED I85479
111 Bidal, François Joseph28 Jul 1787(here)8 Feb 1859(here)I84528
112 Bidal, Françoise11 Oct 1683(here)13 Mar 1746Lanans, _, _, _I82657
113 Bidal, Françoise22 Jul 1695(here)20 Jan 1759(here)I85869
114 Bidal, Françoise10 Jun 1723(here)DECEASED I84916
115 Bidal, Françoise11 Aug 1724(here)21 Oct 1810Lanans, _, _, _I84062
116 Bidal, Françoise5 Jul 1761(here)25 Jul 1761(here)I83114
117 Bidal, Françoise6 Dec 1804(here)26 Dec 1804(here)I82265
118 Bidal, Gabriel6 Oct 1612(here)DECEASED I81244
119 Bidal, Girard23 Oct 1616(here)15 Nov 1687(here)I81245
120 Bidal, Girard9 Feb 1704(here)29 Mar 1705(here)I82726
121 Bidal, Gustave Émile4 Feb 1848(here)22 Apr 1913(here)I83615
122 Bidal, Hélène3 Nov 1726(here)30 Jul 1752(here)I86045
123 Bidal, Henri Auguste18 Nov 1817(here)30 Jun 1886(here)I84748
124 Bidal, Henri Auguste28 May 1862(here)DECEASED I84134
125 Bidal, Herminie Augusta23 Feb 1887(here)15 Jul 1926(here)I83287
126 Bidal, Jacqua2 Mar 1691(here)10 Nov 1691(here)I82335
127 Bidal, Jacqua16 Sep 1692(here)27 Jan 1769(here)I85655
128 Bidal, Jacqueline21 May 1619(here)DECEASED I84700
129 Bidal, Jacqueline19 Feb 1708(here)4 Aug 1709(here)I83747
130 Bidal, Jacques23 Mar 1604(here)DECEASED I81242
131 Bidal, JacquesAbt 22 Jan 1655(here)Bef 1667(here)I80744
132 Bidal, JacquesAbt 22 Jan 1667(here)Abt 28 Nov 1699(here)I80748
133 Bidal, Jacques31 Mar 1696(here)15 Nov 1743(here)I85267
134 Bidal, Jacques18 Sep 1705(here)22 Feb 1782(here)I84312
135 Bidal, Jacques14 Apr 1763(here)8 Mar 1838(here)I84885
136 Bidal, Jean9 Oct 1695(here)10 Mar 1696(here)I83360
137 Bidal, Jean Antoine23 May 1742(here)DECEASED I82511
138 Bidal, Jean Baptiste18 Sep 1702(here)4 Oct 1786(here)I83059
139 Bidal, Jean Baptiste12 Aug 1731(here)26 Mar 1800(here)I83690
140 Bidal, Jean Baptiste16 Mar 1749(here)DECEASED I84875
141 Bidal, Jean Baptiste14 Jun 1771(here)21 Apr 1787(here)I83917
142 Bidal, Jean Baptiste10 Mar 1775(here)13 Mar 1775(here)I82973
143 Bidal, Jean Baptiste24 Jun 1775(here)6 Nov 1794(here)I86286
144 Bidal, Jean Baptiste1 Sep 1790(here)29 Nov 1856(here)I82794
145 Bidal, Jean Baptiste24 Dec 1805(here)21 Jul 1828Metz, Moselle, Lorraine, _I86007
146 Bidal, Jean Baptiste1 Feb 1859(here)1 Feb 1859(here)I86000
147 Bidal, Jean Claude18 Feb 1699(here)20 Apr 1699(here)I85160
148 Bidal, Jean Claude7 Mar 1726(here)4 Sep 1795(here)I85885
149 Bidal, Jean Claude29 Nov 1766(here)DECEASED I84202
150 Bidal, Jean Claude22 Mar 1773(here)21 Dec 1783(here)I83250
151 Bidal, Jean François10 Apr 1745(here)10 May 1814(here)I84472
152 Bidal, Jean François12 Jan 1773(here)30 Jun 1832(here)I82406
153 Bidal, Jean François1 May 1782(here)28 Jun 1864(here)I85696
154 Bidal, Jean François1 May 1799(here)DECEASED I85208
155 Bidal, Jean François Eugène8 Dec 1835(here)11 Apr 1885L'Isle-sur-le-Doubs, _, _, _I85175
156 Bidal, Jean François Théodore9 Nov 1798(here)DECEASED I85617
157 Bidal, Jean Pierre9 Mar 1698(here)12 Mar 1698(here)I83949
158 Bidal, Jean Sylvestre31 Dec 1726(here)DECEASED I85726
159 Bidal, JeanneAbt 20 Oct 1687(here)23 Jan 1694(here)I80753
160 Bidal, Jeanne29 Aug 1695(here)11 Oct 1696(here)I83813
161 Bidal, Jeanne2 Feb 1714(here)1 May 1772Lanans, _, _, _I82865
162 Bidal, Jeanne3 Oct 1772(here)3 Oct 1772(here)I84382
163 Bidal, Jeanne Aimable18 Dec 1803(here)18 Jan 1883Lanans, _, _, _I83427
164 Bidal, Jeanne Antide11 Jan 1779(here)DECEASED I82475
165 Bidal, Jeanne Appoline11 May 1818(here)21 Apr 1840(here)I84836
166 Bidal, Jeanne Augustine20 Dec 1833(here)16 Apr 1898(here)I83986
167 Bidal, Jeanne Baptiste5 Apr 1720(here)DECEASED I85299
168 Bidal, Jeanne Baptiste10 Nov 1761(here)29 Oct 1792Lanans, _, _, _I84344
169 Bidal, Jeanne Baptiste Charlotte6 Oct 1763(here)15 Feb 1807(here)I84032
170 Bidal, Jeanne Célestine11 Feb 1813(here)19 Feb 1856(here)I85170
171 Bidal, Jeanne Christine16 Feb 1780(here)17 Oct 1780(here)I83038
172 Bidal, Jeanne Claude23 Jan 1725(here)7 Jun 1782Vaudrivillers, _, _, _I86250
173 Bidal, Jeanne Claude23 Feb 1732(here)DECEASED I85404
174 Bidal, Jeanne Claude21 Aug 1765(here)DECEASED I84449
175 Bidal, Jeanne Claude6 Jul 1773(here)DECEASED I82649
176 Bidal, Jeanne Claude4 Sep 1779(here)31 Jul 1803(here)I85862
177 Bidal, Jeanne Claude27 May 1796(here)25 Jan 1846(here)I85013
178 Bidal, Jeanne Denise26 Jan 1776(here)26 Jan 1778(here)I84055
179 Bidal, Jeanne Étienne15 Feb 1776(here)DECEASED I83493
180 Bidal, Jeanne Françoise28 Nov 1737(here)29 Jun 1813Clerval, _, _, _I13165
181 Bidal, Jeanne Françoise24 Jan 1751(here)9 May 1809(here)I84643
182 Bidal, Jeanne Françoise27 Dec 1758(here)21 Oct 1775(here)I82258
183 Bidal, Jeanne Françoise25 Mar 1774(here)23 Nov 1776(here)I85472
184 Bidal, Jeanne Françoise15 Nov 1776(here)DECEASED I84625
185 Bidal, Jeanne Marguerite16 Apr 1698(here)7 Sep 1766Cour-lès-Baume, Baume-les-Dames, _, _, _I86144
186 Bidal, Jeanne Marie27 Oct 1722(here)DECEASED I82543
187 Bidal, Jeanne Marie16 Nov 1777(here)DECEASED I85756
188 Bidal, Jeanne Marie22 Dec 1793(here)DECEASED I84907
189 Bidal, Joseph4 Nov 1699(here)DECEASED I83105
190 Bidal, Joseph21 May 1709(here)27 Jun 1709(here)I82152
191 Bidal, Joseph11 Jan 1733(here)7 Jan 1771(here)I85367
192 Bidal, Joseph27 Mar 1762(here)17 Apr 1762(here)I84519
193 Bidal, Joseph21 Mar 1779(here)1 Aug 1780(here)I83562
194 Bidal, Joseph15 Nov 1791(here)DECEASED I82717
195 Bidal, Joseph Célestin2 Jan 1795(here)DECEASED I85932
196 Bidal, Joseph Jules22 Oct 1815(here)4 Nov 1880(here)I84321
197 Bidal, Joséphine12 Apr 1820(here)18 Oct 1854(here)I84125
198 Bidal, Jules Auguste Virgile22 Jun 1875(here)8 Sep 1875(here)I82291
199 Bidal, Jules Marie Joseph16 Jul 1875(here)DECEASED I84792
200 Bidal, Julia Caroline Albertine8 Apr 1878(here)13 Jun 1920Saint-Girons, Ariège, Midi-Pyrénées, _I84465
201 Bidal, Julia Émilie22 Oct 1873(here)DECEASED I85749
202 Bidal, Julie Marie Léontine12 Mar 1878(here)1959Deluz, _, _, _I82688
203 Bidal, Léon Théodore7 Feb 1868(here)6 Apr 1869(here)I83131
204 Bidal, Léon Théodore22 Apr 1887(here)21 Dec 1946(here)I80580
205 Bidal, Ligier19 Dec 1693(here)24 Jan 1696(here)I83174
206 Bidal, Louis Camille Marie21 May 1905(here)1 Nov 1982Baume-les-Dames, _, _, _I82994
207 Bidal, Louis Joseph8 Mar 1782(here)17 Jul 1855(here)I82326
208 Bidal, Louis Joseph29 Mar 1812(here)12 Oct 1888(here)I85540
209 Bidal, Louise2 Oct 1724(here)3 Jun 1777(here)I82787
210 Bidal, Louise Henriette10 Dec 1791(here)16 Sep 1808(here)I84845
211 Bidal, MadeleineAug 1693(here)DECEASED I86104
212 Bidal, Marcelle Marie Louise Julia22 Dec 1910(here)12 Mar 1911(here)I83555
213 Bidal, Marcelle Thérèse Julia Albertine8 Apr 1913(here)8 Jan 1999La Tronche, Isère, Rhône-Alpes, _I82605
214 Bidal, MargueriteAbt 19 Jan 1652(here)DECEASED I80743
215 Bidal, Marguerite26 Nov 1686(here)DECEASED I83351
216 Bidal, Marguerite16 Mar 1688(here)2 Oct 1708(here)I82399
217 Bidal, Marguerite10 May 1699(here)3 Apr 1709(here)I85718
218 Bidal, Marguerite25 Oct 1707(here)25 Dec 1709(here)I83806
219 Bidal, Marguerite21 Aug 1758(here)13 Oct 1767(here)I84481
220 Bidal, Marie17 Mar 1692(here)5 May 1713(here)I82200
221 Bidal, Marie13 Jun 1700(here)DECEASED I82681
222 Bidal, Marie7 Nov 1726(here)DECEASED I85998
223 Bidal, Marie31 Oct 1741(here)23 Dec 1775(here)I83753
224 Bidal, Marie Augustine16 Sep 1793(here)30 May 1865(here)I83889
225 Bidal, Marie Barbe10 Jan 1758(here)30 Jan 1758(here)I85044
226 Bidal, Marie Élise Adèle27 Oct 1872(here)16 Mar 1948(here)I82431
227 Bidal, Marie Émilie29 Apr 1873(here)DECEASED I82282
228 Bidal, Marie Eugénie15 Apr 1845(here)11 Feb 1871(here)I84088
229 Bidal, Marie Françoise28 Jan 1794(here)18 Jun 1859Passavant, _, _, _I83926
230 Bidal, Marie Josèphe28 Jul 1715(here)21 Oct 1793Provenchère, _, _, _I82289
231 Bidal, Marie Joséphine Théodore30 Apr 1857(here)24 Jan 1859(here)I82683
232 Bidal, Marie Léontine Clémence11 Jun 1883(here)2 Apr 1884(here)I84658
233 Bidal, Marie Louise Anna28 May 1907(here)27 Jan 1972Besançon, _, _, _I85360
234 Bidal, Marie Louise Eugénie11 Aug 1880(here)4 Sep 1880(here)I85925
235 Bidal, Marie Louise Eugénie1 Apr 1886(here)Abt Sep 1984Montbéliard, _, _, _I80617
236 Bidal, Marie Marthe Hélène15 Sep 1879(here)1939 I83629
237 Bidal, Marie Thérèse26 Feb 1744(here)21 Oct 1782(here)I80761
238 Bidal, Marie Thérèse20 Apr 1767(here)24 Oct 1775(here)I84656
239 Bidal, Marie Thérèse Augusta16 Dec 1920(here)9 Oct 2007Besançon, _, _, _I80576
240 Bidal, Maximin9 Sep 1701(here)28 Mar 1702(here)I83699
241 Bidal, NicolasAbt 6 Feb 1661(here)Abt 7 Mar 1716(here)I80746
242 Bidal, Nicolas23 Sep 1690(here)20 Apr 1712(here)I82242
243 Bidal, Nicolas25 Jul 1709(here)10 Nov 1709(here)I82856
244 Bidal, Octavie Célina21 Apr 1866(here)DECEASED I85780
245 Bidal, Paul Stéphane Eugène22 Dec 1910(here)7 Apr 1979Besançon, _, _, _I84407
246 Bidal, Pierre25 Jan 1581(here)Aft 1636 I80757
247 Bidal, Pierre3 Feb 1650(here)Abt Apr 1733 I85313
248 Bidal, Pierre4 Mar 1658(here)DECEASED I80745
249 Bidal, Pierre24 Jul 1682(here)23 Jul 1709(here)I84141
250 Bidal, Pierre7 Oct 1694(here)7 Mar 1748(here)I85712

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Primary Christening events within Servin, Doubs, Franche-Comté, France

   Name  Christening BirthDeathPerson ID
1 Bidal, Antoine25 Apr 1649(here)Abt 25 Apr 1649(here)17 Feb 1700(here)I50071
2 Bidal, Christophe1 Apr 1662(here)Abt 1 Apr 1662(here)DECEASED I81824
3 Bidal, Christophe Alexis28 Feb 1695(here)Abt 28 Feb 1695(here)13 Jan 1759(here)I50065
4 Bidal, Claude12 Aug 1669(here)Abt 12 Aug 1669(here)DECEASED I80749
5 Bidal, Clément14 Aug 1685(here)Abt 14 Aug 1685(here)DECEASED I80752
6 Bidal, Etienne8 Feb 1692(here)Abt 8 Feb 1692(here)28 Jan 1754(here)I80755
7 Bidal, Jacques22 Jan 1655(here)Abt 22 Jan 1655(here)Bef 1667(here)I80744
8 Bidal, Jacques22 Jan 1667(here)Abt 22 Jan 1667(here)Abt 28 Nov 1699(here)I80748
9 Bidal, Jacques15 Apr 1763(here)14 Apr 1763(here)8 Mar 1838(here)I84885
10 Bidal, Jeanne20 Oct 1687(here)Abt 20 Oct 1687(here)23 Jan 1694(here)I80753
11 Bidal, Marguerite19 Jan 1652(here)Abt 19 Jan 1652(here)DECEASED I80743
12 Bidal, Nicolas6 Feb 1661(here)Abt 6 Feb 1661(here)Abt 7 Mar 1716(here)I80746
13 Bidal, Pierre4 Mar 1658(here)4 Mar 1658(here)DECEASED I80745
14 Bidal, Pierre François5 May 1664(here)Abt 5 May 1664(here)30 May 1746(here)I80747
15 Coeurdevey13 Feb 1782(here)13 Feb 1782(here)13 Feb 1782(here)I85758
16 Coincenot, Anne11 Sep 1698(here)Abt 11 Sep 1698(here)18 Jan 1759(here)I50066
17 Guillemin, Louis Henri16 Mar 1637(here)Abt 16 Mar 1637(here)  I48577
18 Simonin, Claude Joseph3 Jan 1686Crosey Parish3 Jan 1686Randevillers, _, _, _27 Apr 1737Randevillers, _, _, _I79755
19 Simonin, Claudine23 Mar 1623(here)Abt 23 Mar 1623Randevillers, _, _, _16 Jan 1689Randevillers, _, _, _I75243

Primary Death events within Servin, Doubs, Franche-Comté, France

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   Name  Death BirthPerson ID
1 Andrey, Jeanne Antoine23 Mar 1763(here)  I85682
2 Anguenot, Jeanne Marie10 Apr 1860(here)22 Sep 1787Vaudrivillers, _, _, _I86120
3 Anguenot, Marie Hortense23 Dec 1899(here)4 Apr 1839Lanans, _, _, _I84173
4 Ayssey, Émile Auguste26 Jun 1855(here)22 May 1855(here)I85549
5 Ayssey, Jean François Aimable8 Aug 1882(here)3 Apr 1814Aissey, _, _, _I82229
6 Bellini, Marie Catherine8 Nov 1872(here)Abt 1808Pierrefontaine-les-Varans, _, _, _I85558
7 Berçot, Marie Denise Rosalie18 Jun 1866(here)27 Feb 1839Ouvans, _, _, _I85146
8 Bidal29 Oct 1693(here)29 Oct 1693(here)I82430
9 Bidal1 Sep 1701(here)1 Sep 1701(here)I83941
10 Bidal, Adrien24 Feb 1705(here)10 May 1698(here)I83153
11 Bidal, Honorable/Honnête Adrien16 Feb 1755(here)19 May 1685(here)I82604
12 Bidal, Adrien8 Sep 1781(here)21 Nov 1690(here)I84010
13 Bidal, Adrien13 Oct 1792(here)11 May 1723(here)I82778
14 Bidal, Adrien19 Jan 1804(here)25 Mar 1742(here)I83902
15 Bidal, Adrien11 Nov 1808(here)1731(here)I84187
16 Bidal, Adrien Joseph26 Oct 1767(here)20 Oct 1767(here)I82672
17 Bidal, Aimable Henri Aristide10 May 1887(here)13 Aug 1838(here)I82836
18 Bidal, Alexis24 Sep 1780(here)28 Sep 1769(here)I86060
19 Bidal, Alexis30 May 1795(here)6 Apr 1767(here)I84544
20 Bidal, Anne22 Feb 1700(here)  I84567
21 Bidal, Anne8 May 1766(here)Cal 1762 I86128
22 Bidal, Anne21 Dec 1785(here)24 Mar 1719(here)I84716
23 Bidal, Anne Antoine11 Sep 1784(here)23 May 1718(here)I83376
24 Bidal, Anne Claude9 Nov 1712(here)3 Nov 1712(here)I83197
25 Bidal, Anne Françoise15 Oct 1786(here)8 Apr 1721(here)I82810
26 Bidal, Honorable Antoine1 Mar 1690(here)23 Sep 1608(here)I75272
27 Bidal, Antoine23 Nov 1690(here)21 Nov 1690(here)I85245
28 Bidal, Antoine30 Oct 1691(here)  I84398
29 Bidal, Antoine17 Feb 1700(here)Abt 25 Apr 1649(here)I50071
30 Bidal, Antoine19 Feb 1710(here)14 Dec 1655(here)I82351
31 Bidal, Antoine1 Aug 1739(here)3 Apr 1739(here)I80742
32 Bidal, Antoine19 Nov 1745(here)11 May 1690(here)I83828
33 Bidal, Antoine Félix2 Mar 1766(here)20 Nov 1720(here)I85283
34 Bidal, Auguste Eugène19 Feb 1930(here)11 Jan 1874(here)I84456
35 Bidal, Auguste Virgile5 Mar 1920(here)31 Mar 1845(here)I80582
36 Bidal, Charles Jules4 Jun 1877(here)19 Jan 1877(here)I85610
37 Bidal, Christine Célestine19 Jan 1852(here)11 Jun 1851(here)I84483
38 Bidal, Christine Olympe15 May 1899(here)24 May 1829(here)I82499
39 Bidal, Christophe Alexis13 Jan 1759(here)Abt 28 Feb 1695(here)I50065
40 Bidal, Claire Virginie24 Aug 1854(here)5 Apr 1823(here)I83369
41 Bidal, Claude25 Jan 1705(here)30 Apr 1704(here)I83509
42 Bidal, Claude12 May 1710(here)28 Jul 1703(here)I86160
43 Bidal, Claude30 Aug 1713(here)17 Jul 1696(here)I85517
44 Bidal, Claude Antoine28 Mar 1693(here)22 Feb 1693(here)I83121
45 Bidal, Claude Antoine30 Jan 1772(here)3 Nov 1689(here)I83965
46 Bidal, Claude Clément18 Feb 1678(here)12 Oct 1677(here)I82167
47 Bidal, Claude Étienne13 May 1710(here)6 Sep 1701(here)I85382
48 Bidal, Claude Étienne21 Aug 1751(here)29 May 1710(here)I84535
49 Bidal, Claude Félix12 Oct 1775(here)15 Jun 1763(here)I83578
50 Bidal, Claude François22 Oct 1709(here)30 Aug 1706(here)I84992
51 Bidal, Claude François8 Nov 1768(here)5 Nov 1768(here)I85556
52 Bidal, Claude Françoise8 Nov 1691(here)22 Sep 1674(here)I82803
53 Bidal, Claude Françoise16 Jun 1738(here)Abt Jan 1737 I80739
54 Bidal, Claude Françoise13 Mar 1775(here)10 Mar 1775(here)I85168
55 Bidal, Claude Françoise12 Jan 1787(here)6 Aug 1732(here)I86119
56 Bidal, Claude Françoise14 Jan 1807(here)13 Jan 1807(here)I83367
57 Bidal, Claude Joseph24 Apr 1866(here)19 Nov 1787(here)I85735
58 Bidal, Claudine3 Oct 1757(here)15 Apr 1695(here)I82872
59 Bidal, Claudine11 May 1796(here)26 Nov 1712(here)I84672
60 Bidal, Constant Désiré22 Mar 1874(here)23 Dec 1813(here)I82482
61 Bidal, Delphin Adolphe24 Jan 1864(here)14 Aug 1846(here)I83070
62 Bidal, Dorothée26 Aug 1774(here)9 Nov 1696(here)I82943
63 Bidal, Étienne9 Dec 1699(here)18 Nov 1699(here)I86257
64 Bidal, Etienne28 Jan 1754(here)Abt 8 Feb 1692(here)I80755
65 Bidal, Étienne15 Aug 1780(here)24 Feb 1738(here)I85060
66 Bidal, Étienne Célestin30 Mar 1880(here)11 May 1818(here)I85307
67 Bidal, Francois Auguste13 May 1871(here)25 Jan 1804(here)I80584
68 Bidal, François Joseph22 Dec 1817(here)28 Dec 1741(here)I80760
69 Bidal, François Joseph8 Feb 1859(here)28 Jul 1787(here)I84528
70 Bidal, Françoise20 Jan 1759(here)22 Jul 1695(here)I85869
71 Bidal, Françoise25 Jul 1761(here)5 Jul 1761(here)I83114
72 Bidal, Françoise26 Dec 1804(here)6 Dec 1804(here)I82265
73 Bidal, Girard15 Nov 1687(here)23 Oct 1616(here)I81245
74 Bidal, Girard29 Mar 1705(here)9 Feb 1704(here)I82726
75 Bidal, Gustave Émile22 Apr 1913(here)4 Feb 1848(here)I83615
76 Bidal, Hélène30 Jul 1752(here)3 Nov 1726(here)I86045
77 Bidal, Henri Auguste30 Jun 1886(here)18 Nov 1817(here)I84748
78 Bidal, Herminie Augusta15 Jul 1926(here)23 Feb 1887(here)I83287
79 Bidal, Jacqua10 Nov 1691(here)2 Mar 1691(here)I82335
80 Bidal, Jacqua27 Jan 1769(here)16 Sep 1692(here)I85655
81 Bidal, Jacqueline4 Aug 1709(here)19 Feb 1708(here)I83747
82 Bidal, JacquesBef 1667(here)Abt 22 Jan 1655(here)I80744
83 Bidal, JacquesAbt 28 Nov 1699(here)Abt 22 Jan 1667(here)I80748
84 Bidal, Jacques15 Nov 1743(here)31 Mar 1696(here)I85267
85 Bidal, Jacques22 Feb 1782(here)18 Sep 1705(here)I84312
86 Bidal, Jacques8 Mar 1838(here)14 Apr 1763(here)I84885
87 Bidal, Jean10 Mar 1696(here)9 Oct 1695(here)I83360
88 Bidal, Jean Baptiste13 Mar 1775(here)10 Mar 1775(here)I82973
89 Bidal, Jean Baptiste4 Oct 1786(here)18 Sep 1702(here)I83059
90 Bidal, Jean Baptiste21 Apr 1787(here)14 Jun 1771(here)I83917
91 Bidal, Jean Baptiste6 Nov 1794(here)24 Jun 1775(here)I86286
92 Bidal, Jean Baptiste26 Mar 1800(here)12 Aug 1731(here)I83690
93 Bidal, Jean Baptiste29 Nov 1856(here)1 Sep 1790(here)I82794
94 Bidal, Jean Baptiste1 Feb 1859(here)1 Feb 1859(here)I86000
95 Bidal, Jean Claude20 Apr 1699(here)18 Feb 1699(here)I85160
96 Bidal, Jean Claude21 Dec 1783(here)22 Mar 1773(here)I83250
97 Bidal, Jean Claude4 Sep 1795(here)7 Mar 1726(here)I85885
98 Bidal, Jean François10 May 1814(here)10 Apr 1745(here)I84472
99 Bidal, Jean François30 Jun 1832(here)12 Jan 1773(here)I82406
100 Bidal, Jean François28 Jun 1864(here)1 May 1782(here)I85696
101 Bidal, Jean Pierre12 Mar 1698(here)9 Mar 1698(here)I83949
102 Bidal, Jeanne23 Jan 1694(here)Abt 20 Oct 1687(here)I80753
103 Bidal, Jeanne11 Oct 1696(here)29 Aug 1695(here)I83813
104 Bidal, Jeanne3 Oct 1772(here)3 Oct 1772(here)I84382
105 Bidal, Jeanne1 Jul 1800(here)Cal 1739 I85229
106 Bidal, Jeanne Appoline21 Apr 1840(here)11 May 1818(here)I84836
107 Bidal, Jeanne Augustine16 Apr 1898(here)20 Dec 1833(here)I83986
108 Bidal, Jeanne Baptiste Charlotte15 Feb 1807(here)6 Oct 1763(here)I84032
109 Bidal, Jeanne Célestine19 Feb 1856(here)11 Feb 1813(here)I85170
110 Bidal, Jeanne Christine17 Oct 1780(here)16 Feb 1780(here)I83038
111 Bidal, Jeanne Claude31 Jul 1803(here)4 Sep 1779(here)I85862
112 Bidal, Jeanne Claude25 Jan 1846(here)27 May 1796(here)I85013
113 Bidal, Jeanne Denise26 Jan 1778(here)26 Jan 1776(here)I84055
114 Bidal, Jeanne Françoise21 Oct 1775(here)27 Dec 1758(here)I82258
115 Bidal, Jeanne Françoise23 Nov 1776(here)25 Mar 1774(here)I85472
116 Bidal, Jeanne Françoise9 May 1809(here)24 Jan 1751(here)I84643
117 Bidal, Joseph27 Jun 1709(here)21 May 1709(here)I82152
118 Bidal, Joseph17 Apr 1762(here)27 Mar 1762(here)I84519
119 Bidal, Joseph7 Jan 1771(here)11 Jan 1733(here)I85367
120 Bidal, Joseph1 Aug 1780(here)21 Mar 1779(here)I83562
121 Bidal, Joseph Jules4 Nov 1880(here)22 Oct 1815(here)I84321
122 Bidal, Joséphine18 Oct 1854(here)12 Apr 1820(here)I84125
123 Bidal, Jules Auguste Virgile8 Sep 1875(here)22 Jun 1875(here)I82291
124 Bidal, Léon Théodore6 Apr 1869(here)7 Feb 1868(here)I83131
125 Bidal, Léon Théodore21 Dec 1946(here)22 Apr 1887(here)I80580
126 Bidal, Ligier24 Jan 1696(here)19 Dec 1693(here)I83174
127 Bidal, Louis Joseph17 Jul 1855(here)8 Mar 1782(here)I82326
128 Bidal, Louis Joseph12 Oct 1888(here)29 Mar 1812(here)I85540
129 Bidal, Louise3 Jun 1777(here)2 Oct 1724(here)I82787
130 Bidal, Louise Henriette16 Sep 1808(here)10 Dec 1791(here)I84845
131 Bidal, Marcelle Marie Louise Julia12 Mar 1911(here)22 Dec 1910(here)I83555
132 Bidal, Marguerite2 Oct 1708(here)16 Mar 1688(here)I82399
133 Bidal, Marguerite24 Mar 1709(here)Cal 1694 I83610
134 Bidal, Marguerite3 Apr 1709(here)10 May 1699(here)I85718
135 Bidal, Marguerite25 Dec 1709(here)25 Oct 1707(here)I83806
136 Bidal, Marguerite13 Oct 1767(here)21 Aug 1758(here)I84481
137 Bidal, Marie5 May 1713(here)17 Mar 1692(here)I82200
138 Bidal, Marie23 Dec 1775(here)31 Oct 1741(here)I83753
139 Bidal, Marie Augustine30 May 1865(here)16 Sep 1793(here)I83889
140 Bidal, Marie Barbe30 Jan 1758(here)10 Jan 1758(here)I85044
141 Bidal, Marie Élise Adèle16 Mar 1948(here)27 Oct 1872(here)I82431
142 Bidal, Marie Eugénie11 Feb 1871(here)15 Apr 1845(here)I84088
143 Bidal, Marie Joséphine Théodore24 Jan 1859(here)30 Apr 1857(here)I82683
144 Bidal, Marie Léontine Clémence2 Apr 1884(here)11 Jun 1883(here)I84658
145 Bidal, Marie Louise Eugénie4 Sep 1880(here)11 Aug 1880(here)I85925
146 Bidal, Marie Thérèse24 Oct 1775(here)20 Apr 1767(here)I84656
147 Bidal, Marie Thérèse21 Oct 1782(here)26 Feb 1744(here)I80761
148 Bidal, Maximin28 Mar 1702(here)9 Sep 1701(here)I83699
149 Bidal, Nicolas10 Nov 1709(here)25 Jul 1709(here)I82856
150 Bidal, Nicolas20 Apr 1712(here)23 Sep 1690(here)I82242
151 Bidal, NicolasAbt 7 Mar 1716(here)Abt 6 Feb 1661(here)I80746
152 Bidal, Pierre23 Jul 1709(here)24 Jul 1682(here)I84141
153 Bidal, Pierre7 Mar 1748(here)7 Oct 1694(here)I85712
154 Bidal, Pierre Auguste29 Aug 1841(here)6 Apr 1841(here)I86152
155 Bidal, Pierre Auguste2 May 1871(here)18 Apr 1820(here)I84265
156 Bidal, Pierre François4 Dec 1694(here)1694(here)I83313
157 Bidal, Pierre François18 Aug 1705(here)11 Jul 1705(here)I82466
158 Bidal, Pierre François30 May 1746(here)Abt 5 May 1664(here)I80747
159 Bidal, Pierre Ignace28 Aug 1697(here)21 Jan 1697(here)I83871
160 Bidal, Pierre Joseph15 May 1688(here)17 Jun 1686(here)I82926
161 Bidal, Pierre Joseph9 Dec 1703(here)22 Nov 1703(here)I85292
162 Bidal, Pierre Joseph20 Mar 1742(here)27 Feb 1742(here)I83685
163 Bidal, Pierre Joseph16 Jun 1749(here)30 Apr 1713(here)I84441
164 Bidal, Pierre Joseph1 Jan 1778(here)30 Jan 1771(here)I85853
165 Bidal, Pierre Joseph14 Aug 1847(here)29 Mar 1810(here)I84900
166 Bidal, Pierre Mathieu18 Nov 1741(here)28 Feb 1740(here)I83098
167 Bidal, Pierre Mathieu16 Apr 1788(here)10 Nov 1715(here)I84046
168 Bidal, Pierre Théodore3 Nov 1864(here)26 Dec 1798(here)I83053
169 Bidal, Rose10 Aug 1803(here)13 Aug 1774(here)I84512
170 Bidal, Rose Élisabeth28 Feb 1837(here)19 Nov 1801(here)I83660
171 Bidal, Xavier Gustave Alfred11 Mar 1877(here)19 Mar 1870(here)I84337
172 Boillin, Marie Émilie28 Jul 1854(here)25 Dec 1811Belleherbe, _, _, _I85214
173 Boiteux, Jeanne6 Mar 1752(here)Abt 1682Landresse, _, _, _I83190
174 Bonnefoy, Marie Célestine18 Aug 1835(here)24 Mar 1796(here)I82344
175 Boucher, Marie-Louise12 Nov 1897(here)20 Nov 1848Rahon, _, _, _I80292
176 Burney, Marcel Jules Joseph15 Nov 1991(here)27 Nov 1907Passavant, _, _, _I80562
177 Cadet, Ernest Marie Joseph13 May 1868(here)2 Apr 1868(here)I83784
178 Cadet, Hippolyte Hermann9 May 1868(here)2 Apr 1868(here)I84740
179 Cadet, Marie21 Oct 1893(here)21 Oct 1893(here)I82375
180 Caille, Claude Françoise28 Apr 1809(here)  I84664
181 Caraillon, Jeanne23 Sep 1706(here)5 Oct 1659(here)I86199
182 Caraillon, Marie15 Jun 1809(here)6 May 1737(here)I85106
183 Cassard, Aimable Mélitine12 Mar 1871(here)2 Aug 1816Landresse, _, _, _I82713
184 Cassard, Claude François21 Dec 1776(here)14 Dec 1776(here)I86074
185 Cassard, Denise19 Oct 1770(here)27 Feb 1769(here)I85121
186 Cauberre, Jules17 Jun 1870(here)28 Oct 1835Cusance, _, _, _I84731
187 Cauberre, Marthe Annette4 Jun 1869(here)12 Jun 1867(here)I82933
188 Chapusot, Véronique4 Jun 1863(here)21 Jul 1803Passavant, _, _, _I79796
189 Chapusot, Véroniqur4 Jun 1863(here)21 Jul 1803Passavant, _, _, _I80523
190 Chasey, Jeanne Françoise26 Aug 1813(here)30 Oct 1751Vellevans, _, _, _I84923
191 Chevroulet, Marie Josèphe Dorothée25 Feb 1880(here)24 Dec 1806Vauclusotte, _, _, _I80647
192 Coeurdevey13 Feb 1782(here)13 Feb 1782(here)I85758
193 Coeurdevey, Alexis2 Oct 1790(here)6 Nov 1789(here)I83951
194 Coeurdevey, Antoine François29 Aug 1754(here)9 Feb 1743(here)I83495
195 Coeurdevey, Claude François5 Jun 1763(here)20 May 1763(here)I82658
196 Coeurdevey, Étienne16 Jul 1766(here)Cal 1737 I86258
197 Coeurdevey, Jacques Antoine12 Feb 1820(here)4 Nov 1738(here)I84991
198 Coeurdevey, Jean Claude13 Apr 1787(here)2 Nov 1713Vaudrivillers, _, _, _I84140
199 Coeurdevey, Jeanne Hélène9 Aug 1746(here)5 Mar 1745(here)I84346
200 Coeurdevey, Jeanne Marie6 Mar 1771(here)15 Jun 1752(here)I83880
201 Coeurdevey, Marie Josèphe26 Jul 1848(here)8 May 1784(here)I83189
202 Coeurdevey, Pierre François3 Aug 1751(here)26 Feb 1751(here)I82936
203 Coincenot, Adrien10 Apr 1820(here)22 Jun 1745(here)I82341
204 Coincenot, Anne18 Jan 1759(here)Abt 11 Sep 1698(here)I50066
205 Coincenot, Auguste Hippolyte18 Apr 1867(here)27 Dec 1840(here)I85488
206 Coincenot, Augustin1 Jul 1852(here)8 Jun 1852(here)I84143
207 Coincenot, Charles Albert25 May 1850(here)13 Apr 1850(here)I83243
208 Coincenot, Charles Jean Baptiste10 Mar 1888(here)4 Aug 1855(here)I84986
209 Coincenot, Charles Jules5 Apr 1869(here)24 Aug 1813(here)I85555
210 Coincenot, Chrétien Jules21 Nov 1847(here)19 Nov 1847(here)I84090
211 Coincenot, Claude Étienne22 Jun 1841(here)5 Nov 1777(here)I83752
212 Coincenot, Constant8 Jun 1854(here)3 Feb 1798(here)I82802
213 Coincenot, Delphine Émilie19 Nov 1869(here)6 Mar 1853(here)I85941
214 Coincenot, Eugénie Louise16 May 1887(here)24 Mar 1865(here)I83183
215 Coincenot, Françoise Marie Ambroisine14 Sep 1855(here)5 Sep 1855(here)I83192
216 Coincenot, Jacques Joseph5 Jan 1777(here)22 Dec 1776(here)I86118
217 Coincenot, Jean Étienne19 Mar 1812(here)7 Apr 1754(here)I85167
218 Coincenot, Jean François Célestin16 May 1806(here)16 Jul 1805(here)I84210
219 Coincenot, Jean Jean Baptiste Constant5 Apr 1863(here)17 Dec 1862(here)I80531
220 Coincenot, Jeanne Eugénie5 Oct 1823(here)21 Apr 1821(here)I85046
221 Coincenot, Jeanne Françoise Angélique27 Feb 1859(here)1 Jul 1819(here)I83893
222 Coincenot, Jeanne Françoise Julie22 Mar 1864(here)24 Nov 1799(here)I86265
223 Coincenot, Jeanne Marie1871(here)22 Nov 1796(here)I82414
224 Coincenot, Jeanne Virginie21 Oct 1829(here)4 Nov 1811(here)I82612
225 Coincenot, Joseph Émile14 May 1832(here)28 Aug 1831(here)I83298
226 Coincenot, Joseph Émile26 Apr 1846(here)9 Jan 1846(here)I83580
227 Coincenot, Louise Eugénie5 Aug 1863(here)20 Aug 1860(here)I84027
228 Coincenot, Marie Anastasie Félicie22 Aug 1851(here)27 Apr 1850(here)I85949
229 Coincenot, Marie Josèphe21 Apr 1776(here)7 Jul 1773(here)I85732
230 Coincenot, Marie JulieAbt 1896(here)6 Mar 1833(here)I82453
231 Coincenot, Marie Théodore21 Nov 1867(here)26 Oct 1832(here)I80524
232 Coincenot, Pierre Augustin22 Jul 1886(here)18 Nov 1815(here)I84776
233 Coincenot, Pierre Joseph29 Jan 1822(here)19 Apr 1785(here)I83820
234 Coincenot, Pierre Joseph7 Jun 1869(here)20 Nov 1802(here)I82978
235 Coincenot, Théodore Alfred10 Apr 1920(here)6 Mar 1849(here)I82621
236 Coincenot, Thérèse Charlotte Eugénie24 Apr 1921(here)17 Mar 1849(here)I82666
237 Coincenot, Victor Théodore22 Jun 1851(here)18 Jun 1851(here)I85099
238 Coquard, Cécile9 Apr 1795(here)  I84527
239 Coquard, Marceline23 May 1883(here)1809Adam-lès-Passavant, _, _, _I85698
240 Cousin, Charles Auguste Ernest28 Apr 1871(here)15 Nov 1856(here)I82552
241 Cousin, François Marcelin12 Feb 1885(here)4 Sep 1862(here)I83958
242 Cousin, Joseph9 Nov 1905(here)19 Aug 1832(here)I83399
243 Cousin, Jules Augustin5 Dec 1880(here)25 Jun 1860(here)I84808
244 Cousin, Marie Caroline27 Jan 1866(here)1 Apr 1864(here)I83010
245 Cousin, Marie Caroline HenrietteAbt 1928(here)27 Apr 1867(here)I80671
246 Cramillet, Anne Claude26 Feb 1770(here)1694Lanans, _, _, _I84860
247 Cretin, Claude Joseph14 Jul 1873(here)  I83100
248 Cretin, Octavie5 Dec 1869(here)22 Aug 1835(here)I80657
249 Crucet, Généreuse Eugénie26 Aug 1886(here)11 Jun 1815(here)I86191
250 Crucet, Jacques Joseph11 Jul 1807(here)8 Oct 1744(here)I86240

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Primary Burial events within Servin, Doubs, Franche-Comté, France

   Name  Burial BirthDeathPerson ID
1 Bidal, Honorable Antoine30 Oct 1691(here)23 Sep 1608(here)1 Mar 1690(here)I75272
2 Bidal, Jacques28 Nov 1699(here)Abt 22 Jan 1667(here)Abt 28 Nov 1699(here)I80748
3 Bidal, Marie Thérèse Augusta (here)16 Dec 1920(here)9 Oct 2007Besançon, _, _, _I80576
4 Bidal, Nicolas7 Mar 1716(here)Abt 6 Feb 1661(here)Abt 7 Mar 1716(here)I80746
5 Burney, Gaston Joseph Ernest4 Dec 2013(here)19 Mar 1909Passavant, _, _, _1 Dec 2013Baume-les-Dames, _, _, _I80563
6 Burney, Lucette Michelle Irma Amélie (here)2 Mar 1950Besançon, _, _, _23 Jan 2013Besançon, _, _, _I80567
7 Lenfant, Françoise Jean Baptiste Philomain (here)31 Mar 1837(here)20 Jul 1899(here)I80520

Birth events within Servin, Doubs, Franche-Comté, France

   Name  Birth BirthDeathPerson ID
1 Romain, Alvine Amélie12 Jun 1885(here)15 Nov 1884(here)DECEASED I83603

Military Service events within Servin, Doubs, Franche-Comté, France

   Name  Military Service BirthDeathPerson ID
1 Bidal, Pierre1622(here)25 Jan 1581(here)Aft 1636 I80757

Miscellaneous events within Servin, Doubs, Franche-Comté, France

   Name  Miscellaneous BirthDeathPerson ID
1 Bidal, Adrien16 Mar 1789(here)1731(here)11 Nov 1808(here)I84187
2 Bidal, Adrien16 Mar 1789(here)11 May 1723(here)13 Oct 1792(here)I82778
3 Bidal, Adrien16 Mar 1789(here)25 Mar 1742(here)19 Jan 1804(here)I83902
4 Bidal, François Joseph16 Mar 1789(here)28 Dec 1741(here)22 Dec 1817(here)I80760
5 Coincenot, Adrien16 Mar 1789(here)22 Jun 1745(here)10 Apr 1820(here)I82341

Occupation events within Servin, Doubs, Franche-Comté, France

   Name  Occupation BirthDeathPerson ID
1 Bidal, Pierre François (here)Abt 5 May 1664(here)30 May 1746(here)I80747

Property sale events within Servin, Doubs, Franche-Comté, France

   Name  Property sale BirthDeathPerson ID
1 Bidal, Honorable Antoine20 Feb 1656(here)23 Sep 1608(here)1 Mar 1690(here)I75272
2 Bidal, Girard20 Feb 1656(here)23 Oct 1616(here)15 Nov 1687(here)I81245

Residence events within Servin, Doubs, Franche-Comté, France

   Name  Residence BirthDeathPerson ID
1 Bidal, GirardAbt 1685(here)23 Oct 1616(here)15 Nov 1687(here)I81245
2 Bidal, Jean François1791(here)12 Jan 1773(here)30 Jun 1832(here)I82406
3 Pinnard (or Pinaire), Jeanne1719(here)Abt 12 Apr 1691Lanans, _, _, _29 Jul 1740Laviron, _, _, _I80895

Primary Marriage events within Servin, Doubs, Franche-Comté, France

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   Family  Marriage Family ID
1 / 10 Feb 1646(here)F57975
2 Adolphe Simonin / Aimable Françoise Grut9 Nov 1866(here)F63134
3 Adolphe Simonin / Marie Joséphine Trouillot5 Oct 1870(here)F63135
4 Adrien Bidal / Françoise Ruchet14 Jan 1681(here)F64464
5 Adrien Bidal / Jeanne Françoise Chasey11 Feb 1772(here)F64567
6 Adrien Bidal / Marie Caraillon28 Oct 1760(here)F64454
7 Adrien Bidal / Marie Sarrazin1 Dec 1711(here)F64517
8 Adrien Coeurdevey / Jeanne Claude Chasey17 May 1791(here)F65162
9 Adrien Coincenot / Jeanne Claude Cassard25 Feb 1772(here)F64585
10 Adrien Grosjean / Jeanne Baptiste Pinaire12 Feb 1760(here)F64782
11 Adrien Joseph Anguenot / Jeanne Baptiste Petitjean23 Jun 1789(here)F64860
12 Adrien Joseph Grosjean / Anne Françoise Anguenot5 Feb 1782(here)F64783
13 Adrien Joseph Petitjean / Marie Josèphe Anguenot3 Jun 1783(here)F64342
14 Alexis Bidal / Marie Thérèse Duprel5 Jun 1798(here)F65021
15 Alexis Cassard / Hélène Bidal3 May 1751(here)F65226
16 Alphonse Biasoni / Jeanne Octavie Augustine Simonin13 Oct 1927(here)F63121
17 André Simonin / Catherine Thiébaud12 Jan 1666(here)F57952
18 Antoine Bidal / Claude Simonin29 Sep 1647(here)F59418
19 Antoine Bidal / Hélène Rouzot15 Jan 1692(here)F64601
20 Antoine Bidal / Marguerite Vernier1 Feb 1684(here)F38369
21 Antoine Bidaux / Pierrette Brusset7 Feb 1578(here)F63553
22 Antoine Courgey / Marguerite Simonin10 Sep 1592(here)F59420
23 Antoine Déssirier Guillemin / Antoinette Bidal27 Jan 1636(here)F63834
24 Antoine Félix Bidal / Marie Guillemin27 Jan 1756(here)F65161
25 Antoine Hardiot / Pierotte Simonin30 Jun 1589(here)F57962
26 Antoine Mougey / Claude SimoninAbt 21 Aug 1659(here)F58624
27 Antoine Reuchet / Marguerite Bidal7 Sep 1677(here)F63274
28 Antoine Simonin / Jacqueline Bairet18 Feb 1624(here)F57973
29 Antoine Simonin / Jeanne Cocagne15 Feb 1633(here)F59276
30 Auguste Alfred Bidal / Marie Joséphine Voyenet10 May 1865(here)F64510
31 Auguste Louis Bailly / Julie Marie Léontine Bidal23 Feb 1909(here)F64898
32 Charles Aimable Joseph Pinaire / Céline Lucie Grosjean25 Feb 1921(here)F63097
33 Charles Eugène Alfred Giroldi / Angèle Hélène Florestine Thiébaud21 Jun 1913(here)F64891
34 Charles Eugène Alfred Giroldi / Irène Régina Thiébaud20 Nov 1920(here)F65530
35 Charles François Thiébaud / Jeanne Claude Bidal2 May 1820(here)F65325
36 Charles Gerardin / Pauline Joséphine Guillemin12 May 1872(here)F64659
37 Charles Jules Coincenot / Généreuse Eugénie Crucet3 Jan 1847(here)F64885
38 Charles Léon Clerget / Marie Marthe Hélène Bidal10 Feb 1906(here)F64938
39 Charles Timothée Berçot / Jeanne Baptiste Julie Fortier10 Jun 1838(here)F64976
40 Christophe Bidal / Claudia Lapprand1 May 1685(here)F64424
41 Claude Alexandre Constant Thiébaud / Jeanne Marie Bidal8 Jan 1840(here)F65525
42 Claude Alexandre Constant Thiébaud / Rose Élisabeth Bidal21 Feb 1827(here)F64395
43 Claude Alexis Ruchet / Claude Françoise Pahin7 Jun 1751(here)F64546
44 Claude Antoine Motte / Anne Françoise Cassard8 Mar 1796(here)F65337
45 Claude Bidal / Marguerite Ruchet13 Jan 1671(here)F64369
46 Claude Clerc / Jacqueline Bairet20 Jan 1604(here)F57945
47 Claude Colin / Anne Baptiste Bidal9 Mar 1777(here)F64802
48 Claude Étienne Coincenot / Jeanne Antide Bidal2 Feb 1796(here)F64665
49 Claude Etienne Grosjean / Jeanne Baptiste Quinney19 May 1761(here)F63080
50 Claude Étienne Guillemin / Jeanne Marie Coincenot30 Jan 1816(here)F64537
51 Claude Étienne Magnenet / Charlotte Bidal8 Jan 1765(here)F65441
52 Claude Étienne Nachin / Jeanne Antoine Petitjean13 Nov 1770(here)F64868
53 Claude Étienne Petitjean / Anne Antoine Bidal15 May 1746(here)F65250
54 Claude Étienne Petitjean / Claude Marie Ruchet7 Jun 1774(here)F64613
55 Claude Étienne Petitjean / Marguerite Bidal27 Jan 1711(here)F65094
56 Claude Étienne Voyenet / Jeanne Françoise Ruchet14 Oct 1749(here)F64341
57 Claude Étienne Voyenet / Pierrette Anguenot22 Jan 1788(here)F64426
58 Claude François Anguenot / Jeanne Claude Guillemin19 Jan 1773(here)F64442
59 Claude François Bidal / Jeanne Marguerite Damotte11 May 1773(here)F64587
60 Claude François Damotte / Anne Antoine Guillemin11 Feb 1789(here)F65316
61 Claude François Désiré Mercier / Marie Augustine Bidal26 May 1828(here)F65131
62 Claude François Noch / Jeanne Claude Bidal5 Feb 1782(here)F64344
63 Claude François Petitjean / Françoise Bidal24 Nov 1705(here)F64874
64 Claude François Simonin / Françoise Bécoulet4 Feb 1698Crosey ParishF62596
65 Claude François Vittot / Claude Marie Bidal25 Apr 1799(here)F65457
66 Claude Joseph Bidal / Jeanne Françoise Guillemin26 Feb 1770(here)F65147
67 Claude Joseph Bidal / Jeanne Françoise Ruchet7 Mar 1836(here)F65510
68 Claude Joseph Cassard / Claude Marie Bidal15 Dec 1765(here)F64617
69 Claude Joseph Grosperrin / Agathe Bidal14 Feb 1775(here)F64865
70 Claude Joseph Lecorney / Justine Pierrette Pery16 Dec 1832(here)F62639
71 Claude Joseph Vuillemin / Françoise Bidal14 Dec 1756(here)F65409
72 Claude Noch / Claudinette Petitjean22 Jun 1757(here)F65177
73 Claude Petitjean / ? ?13 Jan 1665(here)F59281
74 Claude Simon Berçot / Marie Josèphe Ruchet10 Mar 1799(here)F64975
75 Claude Simonin / Antoinette Pillot15 May 1611(here)F57982
76 Claude Simonin / Claude Bairet22 Jan 1617(here)F58564
77 Claude Simonin / Claudia Thiebaud15 Feb 1689(here)F63025
78 Claude Simonin / Etiennette Thiébaud15 Feb 1689(here)F62595
79 Claude Simonin / Françoise Thiébaud12 Feb 1585(here)F57941
80 Clément Bidal / Agathe Pinaire12 Jan 1712(here)F65036
81 Clément Guillemin / Claude Marie Bidal14 Jan 1754(here)F65172
82 Clément Joseph Guillemin / Marie Zoé Romain25 Jul 1888(here)F65039
83 Clément Simonin / Pierrette Besançon11 Jan 1701(here)F62590
84 Constant Coincenot / Marie Augustine Grosjean31 Dec 1821(here)F64991
85 Constant Donzé / Marie Sidonie Anguenot23 Apr 1879(here)F65091
86 Denis Morfaux / Jeanne Françoise Bidal27 Dec 1767(here)F571
87 Désiré Marcelin Ferjeux Courgey / Marie Joséphine Thiébaud5 Feb 1850(here)F64396
88 Edmond Adolphe Joseph Simonin / Jeanne Virginie Perrigney19 Jan 1890(here)F63116
89 Élie Delphin Laboureur / Marie Amélie Gloriod13 Sep 1907(here)F65159
90 Emile Elie Lenfant / Céline Lucie Grosjean14 Feb 1912(here)F63096
91 Ernest Joseph Lenfant / Marie Louise Eugénie Bidal7 Feb 1921(here)F63095
92 Étienne Bidal / Jeanne Christine Dufay21 Jan 1772(here)F64658
93 Étienne Célestin Bidal / Marie Appoline Cretin23 Nov 1841(here)F65379
94 Étienne Clément Vernier / Claude Françoise Guillemin29 Oct 1759(here)F65280
95 Étienne Coeurdevey / Marie Josèphe Bidal7 Jan 1759(here)F64875
96 Étienne Colin / Jeanne Claude Bidal16 May 1769(here)F65416
97 Étienne Colin / Jeanne Claude Voyenet16 Jul 1782(here)F64825
98 Étienne Guillemin / Marie Françoise Chasey18 May 1779(here)F64763
99 Eugène Charles Régnier / Maria Victorine Eugénie Girard4 May 1871(here)F65358
100 Eugène Gustave Nappey / Marie Eugénie Philippine Thiébaud10 Dec 1906(here)F65566
101 Félicien Alfred Pinaire / Christine Émilie Ayssey26 Apr 1882(here)F64989
102 Félicien Octave Régnier / Marie Amélie Gloriod30 Mar 1901(here)F64544
103 Ferdinand Simonin / Octavie Cretin27 Jan 1859(here)F63115
104 François Besançon / Antonia Simonin25 Jan 1678(here)F62589
105 François Clerc / Françoise Petitjean13 Jan 1665(here)F59280
106 François Dupret / Jeanne Agathe Monnot10 Jul 1796(here)F62727
107 François Étienne Nachin / Appoline Eugénie Berçot10 Feb 1867(here)F64645
108 François Henri Romain / Léonie Delphine Gloriod12 Jun 1885(here)F65321
109 François Joseph Bidal / Jeanne Bidal13 Feb 1776(here)F64724
110 François Joseph Bidal / Marie Bidal4 Feb 1766(here)F65205
111 François Joseph Caraillon / Marguerite Guillemin5 Feb 1771(here)F65173
112 François Joseph Ruchet / Christine Victoire Joséphine Mercier8 Jan 1850(here)F64712
113 François Marie Théodore Grosjean / Marie Eugénie Bidal22 Aug 1866(here)F64915
114 François Simonin / Claudine Clerc18 Feb 1624(here)F57957
115 François Thiébaud / Françoise Simonin29 Jan 1619(here)F23090
116 François Xavier Amiot / Marie Denise Rosalie Berçot7 Jan 1863(here)F65432
117 François Xavier Devillers / Anne Célestine Coincenot3 Nov 1832(here)F65294
118 Françoise Jean Baptiste Philomain Lenfant / Marie Marceline Cretin3 Feb 1869(here)F63062
119 Girard Bidal / Marguerite Magnin28 Nov 1642(here)F63559
120 Girard Guillemin / Jacqua Bidal13 Jan 1711(here)F64853
121 Guillaume Besançon / Jacqueline Bonnert13 Sep 1644(here)F62981
122 Guillaume Coincenot / Marguerite Reuchet25 Nov 1681(here)F63265
123 Guillaume Nachin / Fidèle Simonin30 Jan 1614(here)F57972
124 Guillaume Simonin / Anna Magnin6 Jun 1583(here)F57946
125 Gustave Émile Bidal / Thérèse Charlotte Eugénie Coincenot23 May 1872(here)F64519
126 Gustave Émile Constant Guillemin / Marie Joséphine Giroldy29 Jan 1861(here)F64494
127 Henri Anguenot / Marguerite Guillemin29 Jan 1760(here)F64993
128 Henri Auguste Bidal / Jeanne Françoise Angélique Coincenot19 Dec 1844(here)F64436
129 Henri Édouard Guillemin / Maxède Caubère8 Jun 1847(here)F65439
130 Henri Fernand Saintot / Anna Maria Hortense Gloriod6 Jun 1922(here)F64429
131 Honeste Léon Joseph Gloriod / Jeanne Marie Noirot3 Feb 1926(here)F65230
132 Jacques Bidal / Anne Françoise Rouzot5 Feb 1811(here)F65269
133 Jacques Bidal / Jeanne Baptiste Charlotte Bidal18 Jan 1791(here)F64492
134 Jacques Bidal / Marguerite Damotte4 Nov 1692(here)F63277
135 Jacques Clerc / Françoise Simonin30 Aug 1574(here)F59270
136 Jacques François Guillemin / Jeanne Christine Dufay20 Nov 1781(here)F64711
137 Jacques Goguez / Jeanne Bidal21 Aug 1753(here)F65580
138 Jacques Noch / Jeanne Baptiste Bidal5 Feb 1782(here)F64978
139 Jean Antoine Guillemin / Jeanne Françoise Henriot26 Aug 1798(here)F65422
140 Jean Auguste Grosjean / Célestine Joséphine Pinaire11 Dec 1832(here)F65213
141 Jean Auguste Guillemin / Jeanne Claude Séraphine Vernerey28 Nov 1849(here)F65124
142 Jean Baptiste Bidal / Marie Catherine Bellini27 Apr 1836(here)F64987
143 Jean Baptiste Bidal / Marie Célestine Bonnefoy24 Feb 1813(here)F64590
144 Jean Baptiste Coeurdevey / Françoise Brusset20 Feb 1781(here)F65227
145 Jean Baptiste David / Marie Thérèse Bidal28 Jan 1772(here)F64806
146 Jean Baptiste Eugène Vonin / Julia Caroline Albertine Bidal24 Nov 1900(here)F65300
147 Jean Baptiste Guillemin / Jeanne Augustine Bidal11 Jul 1855(here)F64538
148 Jean Baptiste Guillemin / Jeanne Baptiste Rouzot23 May 1809(here)F64720
149 Jean Baptiste Hyppolyte Lenfant / Augustine Othilie Jouffroy20 Oct 1863(here)F63056
150 Jean Baptiste Missey / Anne Antoine Bidal20 May 1755(here)F65249
151 Jean Baptiste Routhier / Marie Adèle Régnier30 Jul 1880(here)F65308
152 Jean Baptiste Ruchet / Jeanne Claude Petitjean17 Oct 1752(here)F64476
153 Jean Baptiste Ruchet / Jeanne Denise Guillemin16 May 1785(here)F64867
154 Jean Baptiste Ruchet / Marie Louise Philomène Romain15 Nov 1882(here)F65027
155 Jean Claude Bidal / Barbe Ruchet7 Jan 1755(here)F64484
156 Jean Claude Coeurdevey / Claudine Bidal8 Nov 1735(here)F64792
157 Jean Claude Hippolyte Querry / Marie Julie Coincenot25 Oct 1859(here)F64702
158 Jean Claude Mercier / Jeanne Marguerite Guillemin6 Jun 1791(here)F64984
159 Jean Claude Vernier / Claudinette Petitjean27 Nov 1758(here)F64844
160 Jean Étienne Coincenot / Claude Françoise Guillemin18 Jul 1804(here)F65478
161 Jean François Aimable Ayssey / Jeanne Célestine Guillemin7 Feb 1853(here)F64449
162 Jean François Auguste Crucet / Marie Judith Roussel3 Feb 1841(here)F64786
163 Jean François Bidal / Marie Françoise Coincenot15 Feb 1803(here)F64730
164 Jean François Bidal / Marie Josèphe Grosperrin21 Jan 1787(here)F65293
165 Jean François Constant Briot / Marie Josèph Séraphine Dupret1 Oct 1832(here)F62732
166 Jean François Eugène Bidal / Maxède Caubère8 Apr 1861(here)F65232
167 Jean François Guidet / Marie Joséphine Grosperrin20 Oct 1858(here)F65291
168 Jean François Guillemin / Jeanne Joséphine Anguenot4 Jun 1812(here)F64846
169 Jean François Simonin / Humberte Simonin30 Jun 1652(here)F59274
170 Jean Genin / Anne BidalJul 1688(here)F65397
171 Jean Joseph Constant Thiébaud / Marie Alexandrine Crucet21 Feb 1872(here)F64890
172 Jean Louis Quinnez / Jeanne Marguerite Ruchet10 Feb 1819(here)F65132
173 Jean Nicolas Devillerd / Françoise Bidal20 Apr 1773(here)F65458
174 Jean Pierre Guillemin / Jeanne Marie Anguenot30 Jan 1816(here)F64764
175 Jean Pierre Ory / Marie Josèphe Coeurdevey5 Dec 1815(here)F64713
176 Jean Regnaud / Claudia Bidal20 Feb 1601(here)F65581
177 Jean Simonin / Jeanne Simonin29 Jan 1583(here)F59422
178 Jean Simonin / Pierrette Henriet28 Jan 1646(here)F63084
179 Jean Thiébaud / Marguerite Simonin7 Feb 1589(here)F23091
180 Joseph Anguenot / Anne Petitjean17 Jan 1747(here)F65114
181 Joseph Célestin Mercier / Christine Constance Guillemin13 Jan 1863(here)F64876
182 Joseph Chasey / Anne Claude Thouret11 Feb 1716(here)F59491
183 Joseph Cousin / Marie Augustine Guillemin18 Nov 1858(here)F64360
184 Joseph Hippolyte Léon Lenfant / Jeanne Emilie Semon30 Jan 1921(here)F63092
185 Joseph Jules Puthon / Jeanne Emilie Lenfant30 Aug 1869(here)F63059
186 Joseph Pinaire / Marguerite Bidal29 Jun 1760(here)F65083
187 Joseph Ruchet / Anne Françoise Cassard27 Jan 1795(here)F65336
188 Joseph Simon / Denise Bidal3 Oct 1757(here)F64862
189 Jules Alphonse Burney / Jeanne Emilie Lenfant9 Feb 1907(here)F63070
190 Jules Cauberre / Maria Victorine Eugénie Girard8 Aug 1866(here)F65075
191 Jules Clovis Viguier / Marie Augustine Grosperrin8 Jun 1886(here)F65243
192 Jules Crucet / Claire Virginie Bidal13 May 1851(here)F64668
193 Jules Félicien Grosjean / Marie Anastasie Cuche22 Feb 1876(here)F65548
194 Jules François Marcelin Fortier / Augustine Caroline Bidal15 May 1877(here)F64437
195 Jules Léon Joseph Vernerey / Marthe Marie Louise Routhier19 Apr 1913(here)F65534
196 Julien Joseph Gloriod / Virginie Adélaide Hortense Thiébaud8 Feb 1902(here)F64404
197 Juste Anguenot / Anne Claude Noch23 Jan 1776(here)F65236
198 Léon François Eugène Ruchet / Marie Berthe Eugénie Cretin14 Jun 1911(here)F65028
199 Léon Théodore Bidal / Hortense Léa Augusta Guillemin22 Nov 1919(here)F63076
200 Léonard Simonin / Elisabeth Vuiller31 Dec 1701(here)F62598
201 Louis Camille Marie Bidal / Marthe Honorine Adélaide Zoé Crucet27 Jan 1928(here)F64340
202 Louis Henri Tripard / Laure Julia Olympe Thiébaud14 Apr 1903(here)F65295
203 Louis Joseph Bidal / Marceline Coquard20 May 1849(here)F65574
204 Louis Léon Faivre / Christine Alexandrine Bidal4 May 1881(here)F65223
205 Louis Routhier / Marie Françoise Bidal30 Jan 1826(here)F65099
206 Marcel Jules Joseph Burney / Jeanne Géorgette Anaïs Grosjean29 Apr 1949(here)F63071
207 Marceline Auguste Adolphe Simonin / Louise Fluck30 Dec 1891(here)F63119
208 Marceline Auguste Adolphe Simonin / Marie Caroline Henriette Cousin18 Nov 1897(here)F63120
209 Marie François Constant Viguier / Juliette Eugénie Tréhant29 Sep 1923(here)F65415
210 Marie Théodore Coincenot / Jeanne Emilie Lenfant22 Feb 1862(here)F63058
211 Narcisse Marius Médard Gloriot / Marie Marthe Grosjean7 May 1921(here)F65068
212 Nicolas Bidal / Claire Françoise Gay30 Jun 1709(here)F64465
213 Nicolas Bidal / Madeleine Henriet14 Jan 1692(here)F63276
214 Nicolas Coincenot / Françoise Reuchet17 May 1641(here)F63266
215 Nicolas François Mougey / Jeanne Claude Crucet17 Jan 1769(here)F64896
216 Nicolas Nachin / Françoise Simonin30 Jan 1614(here)F57970
217 Nicolas Pinaire / Jeanne Marie Grosjean19 Feb 1787(here)F65166
218 Nicolas Simonin / Claudia Thiébaud28 Jan 1646(here)F62587
219 Paul Constant Augustin Guillemin / Marie Louise Philomène Romain18 Feb 1903(here)F65255
220 Paul Louis Joseph Routhier / Hortense Appoline Hélène Guillemin19 Mar 1914(here)F64829
221 Pierre Anguenot / Jeanne Claude Petitjean30 Apr 1782(here)F64602
222 Pierre Auguste Bidal / Aimable Mélitine Cassard8 Sep 1868(here)F64919
223 Pierre Auguste Bidal / Marie Émilie Boillin17 Jun 1851(here)F65444
224 Pierre Augustin Coincenot / Jeanne Virginie Guillemin24 Mar 1852(here)F64851
225 Pierre Augustin Guillemin / Hortense Tardy2 May 1848(here)F65038
226 Pierre Augustin Morel / Marie Thérèse Habert10 Jul 1839(here)F64452
227 Pierre Bidal / Jeanne Boiteux22 May 1703(here)F64718
228 Pierre Bidal / Jeanne Caraillon1 Feb 1689(here)F64410
229 Pierre Bidal / Marguerite Boillot18 Feb 1692(here)F64348
230 Pierre Bidal / Vivande Simone Regnaud20 Feb 1601(here)F63278
231 Pierre Claude Barthot / Claire Françoise Bidal30 Aug 1779(here)F65081
232 Pierre Claude Crucet / Anne Françoise Bidal18 Dec 1741(here)F64998
233 Pierre Claude Damotte / Jeanne Marguerite Guillemin1 Feb 1780(here)F64742
234 Pierre Claus / Barbara Besançon19 Oct 1706(here)F62593
235 Pierre Clerc / Fidèle Simonin26 Nov 1606(here)F57977
236 Pierre François Coeurdevey / Jeanne Françoise Brusset28 Jan 1783(here)F64621
237 Pierre François Crucet / Claude Marie Bidal12 Feb 1806(here)F65209
238 Pierre François Grosjean / Anne Claude Bidal1 Oct 1797(here)F64995
239 Pierre François Guillemin / Claudine Bidal5 Nov 1715(here)F64992
240 Pierre François Guillemin / Louise Bidal10 Feb 1742(here)F64741
241 Pierre François Ruchet / Marie Augustine Bidal7 Mar 1836(here)F64963
242 Pierre Gloriod / Jeanne Aimable Bidal12 Feb 1827(here)F64824
243 Pierre Joseph Anguenot / Claude Françoise Patard8 May 1787(here)F65183
244 Pierre Joseph Bidal / Jeanne Christine Fortier11 Jul 1843(here)F65265
245 Pierre Joseph Coincenot / Jeanne Célestine Guillemin9 Feb 1808(here)F64843
246 Pierre Joseph Coincenot / Jeanne Virginie Grosjean26 Jan 1829(here)F64371
247 Pierre Joseph Guillemin / Jeanne Antoinette Bidal29 Oct 1743(here)F64441
248 Pierre Joseph Guillemin / Jeanne Claude Damotte28 Jan 1766(here)F64983
249 Pierre Joseph Petitjean / Anne Jeanne Françoise Pinaire27 May 1755(here)F64819
250 Pierre Joseph Querry / Jeanne Christine Coincenot23 Jan 1844(here)F65247

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Marriage Banns events within Servin, Doubs, Franche-Comté, France

   Family  Marriage Banns MarriageFamily ID
1 Jean François Ruchet / Marie Augustine Colin6 Dec 1812(here)18 Dec 1812Vaudrivillers, _, _, _F64564

Married events within Servin, Doubs, Franche-Comté, France

   Family  Married MarriageFamily ID
1 Alphonse Biasoni / Jeanne Octavie Augustine Simonin13 Oct 1927(here)13 Oct 1927(here)F63121
2 Antoine Bidal / Claude Simonin29 Sep 1647(here)29 Sep 1647(here)F59418
3 Antoine Bidal / Marguerite Vernier1 Feb 1684(here)1 Feb 1684(here)F38369
4 Antoine Bidaux / Pierrette Brusset28 Jan 1578(here)7 Feb 1578(here)F63553
5 Antoine Déssirier Guillemin / Antoinette Bidal27 Jan 1636(here)27 Jan 1636(here)F63834
6 Antoine Reuchet / Marguerite Bidal7 Sep 1677(here)7 Sep 1677(here)F63274
7 Charles Aimable Joseph Pinaire / Céline Lucie Grosjean25 Feb 1921(here)25 Feb 1921(here)F63097
8 Claude Etienne Grosjean / Jeanne Baptiste Quinney19 May 1761(here)19 May 1761(here)F63080
9 Claude François Grosjean / Marie Josèphe Pinaire26 May 1818(here)26 May 1818Lanans, _, _, _F65342
10 Denis Morfaux / Jeanne Françoise Bidal27 Dec 1767(here)27 Dec 1767(here)F571
11 Ernest Joseph Lenfant / Marie Louise Eugénie Bidal7 Feb 1921(here)7 Feb 1921(here)F63095
12 Girard Bidal / Marguerite Magnin28 Nov 1642(here)28 Nov 1642(here)F63559
13 Jacques Bidal / Marguerite Damotte4 Nov 1692(here)4 Nov 1692(here)F63277
14 Léon Théodore Bidal / Hortense Léa Augusta Guillemin22 Nov 1919(here)22 Nov 1919(here)F63076
15 Marceline Auguste Adolphe Simonin / Marie Caroline Henriette Cousin18 Nov 1897(here)18 Nov 1897(here)F63120
16 Nicolas Bidal / Madeleine Henriet14 Jan 1692(here)14 Jan 1692(here)F63276
17 Pierre Bidal / Vivande Simone Regnaud20 Feb 1601(here)20 Feb 1601(here)F63278
18 Pierre Quinney / Marie Clémence Petitjean29 Oct 1737(here)29 Oct 1737(here)F63081

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