Wawpecong, Clay, Miami, Indiana, USA  Wawpecong, Clay, Miami, Indiana, USA


Wawpecong, Clay, Miami, Indiana, USA

Primary Birth events in Wawpecong, Clay, Miami, Indiana, USA

   Name  Birth DeathPerson ID
1 Hershberger, Eli A.12 Jan 18874 Feb 1889Wawpecong, Clay, Miami, Indiana, USAI44109
2 Hershberger, Elizabeth S.4 Jun 186510 Mar 1921 I63005
3 Hershberger, Elmer A.24 Aug 18821944 I44107
4 Hershberger, Elsa A.4 Jul 188421 Mar 1889Wawpecong, Clay, Miami, Indiana, USAI44108
5 Hershberger, Flossie Ellen14 Nov 188811 Mar 1949Marion, Indiana, USAI44110
6 Hershberger, Noah A.11 Oct 187930 Aug 1956Kokomo, Howard, Indiana, USAI44102
7 Hershberger, William A.27 Jun 189217 Mar 1893Wawpecong, Clay, Miami, Indiana, USAI44111
8 Mast, Benjamin F.18 Apr 1883DECEASED I64020
9 Miller, Elizabeth6 Aug 1867DECEASED I64027
10 Stutzman, Mary24 Jan 187430 May 1959Oscoda, Michigan, USAI49474
11 Troyer, Jeremiah J.9 Oct 186410 Jan 1935Custer, Oklahoma, USAI30034

Primary Death events in Wawpecong, Clay, Miami, Indiana, USA

   Name  Death BirthPerson ID
1 Hershberger, Abraham12 Jul 186721 Feb 1820(Holmes County, Ohio was formed on 4 Jan 1825 from portions of Coshocton, Tuscarawas, and Wayne Counties), Holmes, Ohio, USAI37161
2 Hershberger, Eli A.4 Feb 188912 Jan 1887Wawpecong, Clay, Miami, Indiana, USAI44109
3 Hershberger, Elsa A.21 Mar 18894 Jul 1884Wawpecong, Clay, Miami, Indiana, USAI44108
4 Hershberger, William A.17 Mar 189327 Jun 1892Wawpecong, Clay, Miami, Indiana, USAI44111
5 Hochstetler, Mary8 Mar 186525 May 1801Elk Lick, Somerset, Pennsylvania, USAI42773
6 Hochstetler, Rebecca J.20 Oct 187829 Sep 1836Sugar Creek, Tuscarawas, Ohio, USAI46346
7 Hochstetler, Zachariah16 Mar 189014 Mar 1813Somerset, Pennsylvania, USAI47576
8 Nisley, Elizabeth29 Oct 18585 Jan 1818Somerset, Pennsylvania, USAI50782
9 Troyer, Joseph C.16 Jun 187712 May 1799Somerset, Pennsylvania, USAI42772
10 Yoder, PhilipOct 18681806Somerset, Somerset, Pennsylvania, USAI28216

Primary Marriage events in Wawpecong, Clay, Miami, Indiana, USA

   Family  Marriage Family ID
1 Jonas Stineman / Lydia Christner25 Nov 1869F58476
2 Levi W. Kauffman / Barbara Stutzman21 Sep 1887F37864
3 Noah W. King / Elizabeth Miller26 Mar 1886F50567