Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA  Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA


Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA
New Wilmington, Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA
Wilmington, Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA
Neshannock Falls, Wilmington, Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA
East East Brook, Hickory, Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA
East Brook, Hickory, Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA
Pyle Farm Cemetery, Pyles Mills, Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA
Enon Valley Amish Cemetery, Gilmore Road, Enon Valley, Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA
Hickory, Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA

Primary Birth events within Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA

   Name  Birth DeathPerson ID
1 Byler, Anna1852East Brook, Hickory, Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA1852East East Brook, Hickory, Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USAI59291
2 Byler, Asa24 Aug 1865Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA23 Feb 1906Wilmington, Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USAI59584
3 Byler, Benjamin Franklin20 Mar 1861Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA23 Apr 1934Hydro, Blaine, Oklahoma, USAI59583
4 Byler, David Z.22 Oct 1863Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA17 Feb 1945Geauga, Ohio, USAI67200
5 Byler, Eli Kurtz Sr.21 Apr 1875East Brook, Hickory, Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA9 Jun 1945Jackson, Mercer, Pennsylvania, USAI59304
6 Byler, Elizabeth27 Mar 1846Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA2 Feb 1932 I66368
7 Byler, Elizabeth10 Jun 1863East Brook, Hickory, Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA5 Dec 1927Hartville, Stark, Ohio, USAI59301
8 Byler, Jacob Hartzler24 Feb 1867New Wilmington, Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA17 May 1947Clarence Center, Erie, New York, USAI59585
9 Byler, Jacob Noah Sr.11 Feb 1868East Brook, Hickory, Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA21 Oct 1946Lake, Mercer, Pennsylvania, USAI59302
10 Byler, Jemima D.16 Aug 1870Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA15 Mar 1955Geauga, Ohio, USAI30426
11 Byler, John Kurtz2 Oct 1865East Brook, Hickory, Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA2 Feb 1929Belleville, Mifflin, Pennsylvania, USAI59288
12 Byler, Leah1861East Brook, Hickory, Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA1863East Brook, Hickory, Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USAI59294
13 Byler, Mary4 Jun 1876New Wilmington, Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA  I59586
14 Byler, Mary Kurtz15 Feb 1855East Brook, Hickory, Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA5 Dec 1933Middlefield, Geauga, Ohio, USAI59292
15 Byler, Melinda14 Oct 1859Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA6 Nov 1940New Wilmington, Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USAI59582
16 Byler, Menno Z.21 Dec 1865Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA14 Feb 1947Mifflin, Pennsylvania, USAI59342
17 Byler, Nancy N.7 Jul 1872East Brook, Hickory, Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA8 Oct 1903Middlefield, Geauga, Ohio, USAI59303
18 Byler, Noah K.8 Feb 1870East Brook, Hickory, Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA11 May 1898Lagrange, Lagrange, Indiana, USAI59305
19 Byler, Rebecca Elizabeth24 Apr 1873New Wilmington, Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA  I59581
20 Byler, Rudolph H.31 Jul 1882New Wilmington, Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA11 Jan 1956Uniontown, Stark, Ohio, USAI59580
21 Byler, Salina R.1 Jan 1858Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA23 Jul 1928 I59587
22 Byler, Sarah Kurtz17 Aug 1853East Brook, Hickory, Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA1 Sep 1926Middlefield, Geauga, Ohio, USAI59290
23 Byler, Stephen J.21 Nov 1872Neshannock Falls, Wilmington, Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA  I66782
24 Byler, Veronica10 May 1869New Wilmington, Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA7 Dec 1872New Wilmington, Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USAI59588
25 Byler, Yost Kurtz15 Aug 1857East Brook, Hickory, Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA15 Dec 1948Middlefield, Geauga, Ohio, USAI59293
26 Detweiler, Jemima B.25 Feb 1882New Wilmington, Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA14 Oct 1962Nappanee, Elkhart, Indiana, USAI55367
27 Detweiler, Solomon24 Mar 1851Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA28 Aug 1899Custer, Oklahoma, USAI65529
28 Hartzler, Jemima F.29 Dec 1850Neshannock Falls, Wilmington, Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA12 Sep 1908Logan, Ohio, USAI59567
29 Hartzler, Jonathan Benjamin4 Oct 1837Neshannock Falls, Wilmington, Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA21 Jun 1907Bellefontaine, Logan, Ohio, USAI59563
30 Hartzler, Veronica E.11 Nov 1848Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA16 Sep 1870Green, Wayne, Ohio, USAI59561
31 Hertzler, Benjamin14 Apr 1815Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USADECEASED I46240
32 Kauffman, Anna B.26 May 1859New Wilmington, Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA2 Apr 1879Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USAI66791
33 Kauffman, Elizabeth B.6 Oct 1861Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA9 Feb 1960Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USAI66792
34 Kauffman, John L.8 Mar 1864Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA18 Nov 1947California, USAI63082
35 King, AnnaAbt 1857Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA9 Apr 1879Logan, Ohio, USAI63078
36 King, Leah22 Mar 1847Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA14 Feb 1916 I63074
37 King, Levi David5 Sep 1851Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA28 Jan 1915Hubbard, Marion, Oregon, USAI63076
38 King, Lydia A.5 Sep 1851Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA6 Mar 1883Cass, Missouri, USAI63077
39 King, Salome8 Feb 1849Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA17 Aug 1889Cass, Missouri, USAI63075
40 Kurtz, John Y.23 Feb 1854Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA5 Jan 1896 I61169
41 Kurtz, Sarah20 Jun 1850Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA12 Feb 1914 I66784
42 Zook, Andrew Hartzler9 Feb 1879Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA23 Jul 1948Wilmington, Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USAI59600
43 Zook, Anna Fannie30 Apr 1866Neshannock Falls, Wilmington, Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA19 Dec 1934Wilmington, Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USAI59601
44 Zook, Charley E.11 Oct 1869Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA28 Jul 1881Pennsylvania, USAI59605
45 Zook, Elijah E.7 Aug 1873Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USAAbt 1956Joliet, Will, Illinois, USAI59597
46 Zook, Hosea23 Sep 1875Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA27 Sep 1875Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USAI59598
47 Zook, Infant4 Mar 1865Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA1865Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USAI59599
48 Zook, John C.6 Feb 1877Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA15 May 1960 I59603
49 Zook, Margaret E.7 Jan 1868Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA28 Dec 1870Pennsylvania, USAI59604
50 Zook, Mary Amy4 Sep 1871Neshannock Falls, Wilmington, Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA7 Jul 1915Neshannock Falls, Wilmington, Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USAI59602

Primary Death events within Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA

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   Name  Death BirthPerson ID
1 Byler, Anna1852East East Brook, Hickory, Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA1852East Brook, Hickory, Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USAI59291
2 Byler, Asa23 Feb 1906Wilmington, Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA24 Aug 1865Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USAI59584
3 Byler, Barbara Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USAAbt 1826Pennsylvania, USAI58221
4 Byler, Christian3 May 1896Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA23 Aug 1813Centre, Pennsylvania, USAI58215
5 Byler, Jacob Detweiler K.11 Nov 1866Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA14 Mar 1799Mifflin, Pennsylvania, USAI44033
6 Byler, John24 Jul 1870Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA24 Apr 1854Mercer, Pennsylvania, USAI67242
7 Byler, Leah1863East Brook, Hickory, Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA1861East Brook, Hickory, Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USAI59294
8 Byler, Mary Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USAAbt 1824Pennsylvania, USAI58220
9 Byler, Melinda6 Nov 1940New Wilmington, Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA14 Oct 1859Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USAI59582
10 Byler, Moses10 Oct 1903Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USAAbt 1830Mifflin, Pennsylvania, USAI58223
11 Byler, Noah Kauffman Sr.15 Jan 1898Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA6 May 1827Mifflin, Pennsylvania, USAI59299
12 Byler, SamuelDECEASEDLawrence, Pennsylvania, USAAbt 1828Pennsylvania, USAI58222
13 Byler, Sarah18 Oct 1892Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA28 Sep 1821Mifflin, Pennsylvania, USAI66789
14 Byler, Solomon Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USAAbt 1816Centre, Pennsylvania, USAI49390
15 Byler, Veronica7 Dec 1872New Wilmington, Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA10 May 1869New Wilmington, Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USAI59588
16 Detweiler, GideonApr 1868Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA28 Mar 1824Mifflin, Pennsylvania, USAI65530
17 Detweiler, Stephen17 May 1906New Wilmington, Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA1 Apr 1830Mifflin, Pennsylvania, USAI48108
18 Foltz, Magdalena2 Dec 1890Wilmington, Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA30 Dec 1814Belleville, Mifflin, Pennsylvania, USAI66717
19 Hartzler, Malinda J.3 Jun 1917Wilmington, Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA15 Nov 1842Mifflin, Pennsylvania, USAI59565
20 Hartzler, Mary31 Dec 1904Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA13 Nov 1835Mifflin, Pennsylvania, USAI59562
21 Herschberger, Anna MaryDECEASEDLawrence, Pennsylvania, USAAbt 1788Pennsylvania, USAI45399
22 Hershberger, CatherinaDECEASEDLawrence, Pennsylvania, USA23 Jun 1788Berks, Pennsylvania, USAI45397
23 Hershberger, ElizabethDECEASEDLawrence, Pennsylvania, USA23 Jun 1788Berks, Pennsylvania, USAI46294
24 Hertzler, Benjamin Kauffman14 Apr 1851Neshannock Falls, Wilmington, Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA1811Mattawana, Mifflin, Pennsylvania, USAI47266
25 Hertzler, Esther Y.8 May 1861East Brook, Hickory, Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA18 Feb 1788Berks, Pennsylvania, USAI44186
26 Hooley, John P.12 Sep 1858Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USAAbt 1803Pennsylvania, USAI59484
27 Hostetler, Anna1867Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA19 Feb 1800Berks, Pennsylvania, USAI47180
28 Kanagy, Lydia28 Jun 1893Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA23 Jan 1823Mifflin, Pennsylvania, USAI58240
29 Kanagy, Mary Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USAAbt 1819Mifflin, Pennsylvania, USAI58239
30 Kanagy, Sarah15 Feb 1911Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA23 Oct 1834Mifflin, Pennsylvania, USAI58244
31 Kauffman, Anna19 Jan 1892Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA1 Nov 1815Juniata, Pennsylvania, USAI45377
32 Kauffman, Anna B.2 Apr 1879Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA26 May 1859New Wilmington, Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USAI66791
33 Kauffman, Catherine27 Apr 1866Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA1825Juniata, Pennsylvania, USAI46616
34 Kauffman, Catherine27 Apr 1866Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USAAbt 1825Juniata, Pennsylvania, USAI58214
35 Kauffman, Christian10 Jan 1875Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA6 Mar 1807Mifflin, Pennsylvania, USAI63080
36 Kauffman, David2 May 1859Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA11 Jan 1803Pennsylvania, USAI54489
37 Kauffman, Elizabeth B.9 Feb 1960Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA6 Oct 1861Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USAI66792
38 Kauffman, John1873Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USAAbt 1790Berks, Pennsylvania, USAI47951
39 Kauffman, MaryAbt 1871Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA24 Nov 1820Juniata, Pennsylvania, USAI58213
40 King, Christian20 Mar 1855Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA3 Aug 1817Mifflin, Pennsylvania, USAI59553
41 King, Jacob13 Jun 1851Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA3 Dec 1787Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USAI49388
42 King, Mary13 Feb 1910Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA1 May 1822Mifflin, Pennsylvania, USAI59555
43 King, Shem25 Sep 1876Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA19 Dec 1819Mifflin, Pennsylvania, USAI54842
44 King, Veronica3 Feb 1881Neshannock Falls, Wilmington, Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA23 Mar 1815Mifflin, Pennsylvania, USAI59552
45 Kurtz, Abraham24 Oct 1885Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA12 Feb 1812Mifflin, Pennsylvania, USAI47207
46 Kurtz, Elizabeth3 Mar 1891East Brook, Hickory, Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA3 Jan 1831Mifflin, Pennsylvania, USAI59300
47 Kurtz, Elizabeth H.6 Jul 1878Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA15 Nov 1795Berks, Pennsylvania, USAI47200
48 Kurtz, Jacob Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA19 Apr 1798Berks, Pennsylvania, USAI47202
49 Kurtz, John1865Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA5 May 1794Berks, Pennsylvania, USAI47198
50 Kurtz, Mary5 Feb 1903Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA13 Mar 1825Mifflin, Pennsylvania, USAI50924

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Primary Burial events within Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA

   Name  Burial BirthDeathPerson ID
1 Hostetler, Joseph Z. Enon Valley Amish Cemetery, Gilmore Road, Enon Valley, Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA14 Aug 1869Menno, Mifflin, Pennsylvania, USA14 May 1942USAI58778
2 Pyle, Amos Pyle Farm Cemetery, Pyles Mills, Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA1772Pennsylvania, USA6 Nov 1815Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USAI33229
3 Wright, Rachael Pyle Farm Cemetery, Pyles Mills, Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA1772New Jersey, USA21 Feb 1823Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USAI33230
4 Zook, Elizabeth Y. Enon Valley Amish Cemetery, Gilmore Road, Enon Valley, Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA16 Nov 1866Mifflin, Pennsylvania, USA6 Aug 1944USAI58781

Primary Marriage events within Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA

   Family  Marriage Family ID
1 David Z. Byler / Catherine Z. Bender31 Jan 1889Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USAF53278
2 Jacob D. Byler / Sarah KurtzFeb 1870Neshannock Falls, Wilmington, Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USAF52914
3 Menno Z. Byler / Leah E. Hostetler13 Jan 1891Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USAF46520
4 Noah Kauffman Byler / Elizabeth Kurtz1852East Brook, Hickory, Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USAF46506
5 Rudolph Byler / Mary Hartzler8 Feb 1857Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USAF46834