Saints in the Family Tree

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# Full Name Occupation Religion Birth Date Birth Place Death Date Death Place
1 Saint and Queen Balthild  Sainte et Reine (Queen) de Neustrie et de Bourgogne  Balthihld was canonized a saint by Pope Nicholas I in 880 AD. She was known for her work in freeing slaves  Between 626 and 627    30 Jan 680  Abbaye de Chelles, Chelles, Seine-et-Marne, Île-de-France, France  
2 Saint and Queen Bertha  Queen of Kent (England)  She was canonized in the Roman Catholic Church as Saint Bertha (or Saint Aldeberge) for her role in bringing Christianity to the ruling house in Anglo-Saxon England.      DECEASED   
3 Saint and Queen Clotilde  Queen of the Franks and Saint (patron of queens, widows, brides and those in exile)    Abt 474    545  Basilique de Saint-Martin, Tours, Indre-et-Loire, Centre, France  
4 Saint and King Clovis, I  King of the Salian Franks and King of the Franks. Clovis I was the first king of the Franks to unite all of the Frankish tribes under one ruler, changing the form of leadership from a group of petty kings to rule by a single king and ensuring that the kingship was passed down to his heirs. He is considered to have been the founder of the Merovingian dynasty, which ruled the Frankish kingdom for the next two centuries. St. Clovis had no known official canonisation, neither was he beatified, so his sainthood was only ever recognised by popular acclaim.[55]: 54  Following the example of the monks of St. Geneviève, St. Clovis's feast day in France was held on 27 November.    Abt 466    27 Nov 511   
5 Saint and Bishop Gaius Sollius Modestus Apollinaris Sidonius  Poet, diplomat, and bishop. Described as "the single most important surviving author from fifth-century Gaul" according to Eric Goldberg.  Roman Catholic  Abt 5 Nov 430  Lyon, Rhône, Rhône-Alpes, France   Between 481 and 490   
6 Saint Tarsicius    He was a martyr of the early Christian church in the 3rd century. He is the patron saint of altar servers and first communicants.      DECEASED   
7 Saint and Duke Guillaume De Gellone, dit Le GrandSaint and Duke Guillaume De Gellone, dit Le Grand  Count of Toulouse, Duke of Aquitaine, Count of Rouergue, Quercy, Albi, and Rodez, Marquis of the March of Spain, Duke of Septimanie, Count of Barcelona and Girona, Duke of Guyenne, Count of Razès, Founder of the Abbey of Gellone  Roman Catholic  Between 750 and 755    28 May 812  Gellone Abbey, Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert, Hérault, Languedoc-Roussillon, France  
8 Saint and Bishop Arnulf De Metz  Bishop of Metz  Roman Catholic Bishop of Metz. He was canonized as a saint and is the patron saint of brewers.  Abt 582  Lay-Saint-Christophe, Meurthe-et-Moselle, Lorraine, France   Between 643 and 647  Abbaye de Remiremont, Remiremont, Vosges, Lorraine, France  
9 Saint and Queen Ingigerd De Suede  Grand Princess of Kiev  Venerated as a saint in the Orthodox Church  1001    10 Feb 1050  Kiev, Ukraine  
10 Saint and King Æthelberht Of Kent  King of Kent (England)  Converted to Roman Catholicism and was canonized a saint  Abt 550    Feb 616